Week 2: Remembering & connecting to the child within

Masterclass: Week 2

Homework: Week 2

Letter to your inner child.

Before you begin, lets take pause and consider “why” you are doing this work, why you, in your adult body, have decided to connect back to the child within. This weeks homework is to begin with a letter to your inner child whereby you explain why you are doing this work, the intention you have from this work and anything else you feel intuitively feel called to express at this time. Below is an example letter for you to draw inspiration from.

Deep connection to the inner child.

One of the easiest ways to connect to the inner child is through ‘memory’ and this sense of memory doesn’t always have to be actually remembering a certain event etc, it can be as simple as connecting to a smell, sound or taste that reminds you of how you felt in childhood.

Here is some self enquiry TASKS that will help you connect, please do them both.

1. Find an old photo of yourself and just look at it. Notice your hair, your clothes, the room you’re in, just observe the photo(s) and how it makes you feel or if any thoughts arise from it, take a note of it in your diary.

2. Play at least 3 songs from beginning to end that were tunes from the time of your childhood. Again, just observe how you feel when listening to them and if they provoke any memories.

Here is some self-enquiry questions that will help you connect to the inner child, again, complete them all: (It is best to write these answers down)

1. Think about one positive childhood memory and what that entailed.

2. Think about one negative childhood memory and what the entailed.

3. Who was your best friend as a child and why?

4. What was your favourite subject at school and why?

5. What was your least favourite subject at school and why?

6. In childhood, what was your favourite colour?

7. What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’? Why did that excite you so much.

8. What was  your favourite game to play?

9.  If you could relive one moment from childhood, what would that be?

10. What naturally ‘excited you’ as a child?

Inner Child Trauma & Wounds 

Below is some questions in relation to your childhood wounding/trauma, at this point I just want you to observe the answers, you don’t need to ‘feel or transmute’ anything yet, we are just gently bringing awareness to them.


  • Name 3 unmet needs you had as a child.
  • What were you disciplined most about.
  • How were you disciplined?
  • What would you describe as the main trauma of your childhood.
  • What did you want to do, but weren’t allowed?
  • What were your primary negative thoughts about yourself?
  • What were your primary negative thoughts about your caregivers?
  • If there is one thing you could change, what would it be?
  • How do you feel your childhood affected you in a negative way?
  • Where you teased as a child? If so how?


Healing Session: Week 2

This meditation has been designed to help you reconnect deeply and authentically with the inner child. It will transport you on a journey back into your subconscious mind. It can be used as often as you like throughout the entirety of this container.