The Inner Child

Helping you Understand | Heal | Love | Re-parent the child within

 Container starting on Saturday 29th June, 2024

Exchange £600 *

*Pay in 2: £300 pm | Pay in 3: £200 pm 

√ 8 Masterclasses

√ 8 Weekly bespoke conscious activities to boost your journey

√ 1 45 minute 1:1 inner child energy clearing session***

√ 8 Bespoke healing sessions (including timeline healing | Energy Work | Quantum healing etc

√ Full support via Voxer (talking app) with Janet throughout the duration of the container.

***available only for bookings made in May 2024, after which this offer is removed.

The term “inner child” is often used to describe the connection you have within yourself to your child self and your childhood memories. At times, you might find that certain behaviours or emotions mimic those you experienced as a child, causing you distress as you try to navigate an adult world. In terms of holistic wellness, we understand that childhood  also fundamentally shapes our sense of self, what we believe to be true of this world, & ultimately the self imposed limitations that we place upon ourselves. All of this is what we call ‘programming/conditioning’ and it is stored in our energy bodies, much like a computer programme that runs ‘automatically in the background’, which is why we tend to experience the same feelings, situations and blocks as we encountered in childhood, because ultimately we have not addressed what is really bubbling beneath the surface. When you commit to inner child work, you become your own hero, the one that ‘saves’ and ‘sees’ that little child within and allows them to shine in their own innocent brilliance.

So much of our ‘current self’ is connected to our childhood. Our lives, beliefs & perspectives, where shaped by the world/families, we were each born into. What others said to us, we believed. How others interacted & behaved, we copied. The parts of our childhood that felt ‘too big to process’, we stuffed down, hoping that by doing so, those feelings would go away. As the years roll by, suddenly we are adults, yet, the conditioned little child, still lives within us, begging to be acknowledged, understood, & loved, because our sense of innocence feels long gone. Connecting to your inner child allows you to heal the past, burst out of your conditioned upbringing, negate triggers and remember your innocence. Its one of the greatest adventures you will ever take,

Once you truly recognise how momentous our childhood is in shaping who we become as adults, and make the decision to connect with that part of self, miraculous changes will occur.

This is an 8 week container to help you connect back to, understand, heal,  and re-parent that little child within.

Who is this course for?
  • Anyone who wants to overcome the past.
  • Those who want to dismantle repeating negative patterns in their lives.
  • Anyone who wants to eliminate feelings of regret & blame.
  • People who want to understand the impact of conditioning on self.
  • Those who have forgotten their innocence and wonderment with life.
  • Anyone who wants to get to the root cause of self -sabotage
  • Anyone who is ready to heal from childhood trauma.
  • Those who want to change the future for themselves.
  • Those who crave a deeper self understanding.
  • Healers who would like to take the next step into their own healing journey.
What you can expect from this course.
  • To understand the impact of childhood on your entire sense of self,
  • Connecting back to the fullness of your inner child (both the trauma and the childlike wonderment for life).
  • Freeing yourself from the conditioned past by understanding your core blockages and beliefs.
  • Defining your unmet needs, fears and core beliefs.
  • Understanding the unexpressed parts of self and how to bring them forward with love.
  • Knowing how to re-parent self
  • Embodying the lessons in your journey
  • To be shown somatic. therapeutic techniques to aid in the healing journey.
  • Learning new skills and techniques to overcome a limiting mindset and emotionally control self.
  • Remembering and embodying your childhood hopes and dreams.
  • A full redefinition of who you are now, with clarity, purpose and direction.
  • Taking back your power.
Over the 8 weeks, together we will 
  • Defining and connect you back to the essence of your inner child.
  • Remember your hopes and dreams
  • Understand your attachment Styles and the impact on self and adult relationships.
  • Seeing, understanding & feeling your inner child’s unmet needs and suppressed emotions 
  • Become conscious of old belief systems and personal identity & your own self sabotage 
  • Understanding your core wounds, how they have affected your entire life & healing from the root.
  • Learning the art of self – healing, re-parenting self  and emotional regulation.
  • Defining who you really are and changing your life story.
  • Learning the art of embodying the highest and best version of self.


Each module includes, ‘homework’ and a healing session for that week

Week 1

What is the inner child?

Examples of traumatising behaviour 

Characteristics of the wounded inner child

Impact of trauma on child development

Core issues of the traumatised wounded child

Week 2:

Connecting to your own inner child

Remembering your innocence.

Defining your own trauma

The unexpressed self

Week 3:

Assessment of your behaviours from childhood

Core beliefs & primary caregivers

Generational Patterns

Understanding the conditioned self & energetic resonance

Week 4:

Defining your core wounds

Getting to the root of self limiting beliefs.

Noticing patterns

Self understanding & change.

Week 5:

Helping the inner child grieve

The alchemy of forgiveness

Neutralising unmet needs & blame.

Changing your timeline

Week 6:

Healing through re-parenting self

Tapping back into innocence

Listening to the call of the inner child

Re-framing your wounds.

Week 7:

Acceptance of self and this moment.

Learning to control  your nervous system.

Somatic Healing

Remembering your dreams.

Week 8:

Defining a new sense of self

Moving past your core wounds.

Understanding your dreams & desires