Have you ever wondered who you really are? What it is your supposed to be ‘doing’ with your life? What it is to live in alignment? What it means to feel fulfilled each day? Well, me too and now, I want to help you.
Who is this course for?
With my unconditional love, guidance and support, together over 7 weeks* we help you discover who you really are.

Here are some questions many of my clients have asked themselves before taking this course:

  • Who am I really?
  • What is it that I really want?
  • How do I move forward/ feel less ‘stuck’?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • How can I live a fulfilled life?

  • What is the meaning of life?

*Whilst the course in it’s entirety takes 7  weeks of coaching to complete, you do not need to commit to 7 continuous weeks and can chose to take each one of the 7 modules at your own pace.

In 7-weeks let me help you change your life. (1:1 programme)

Are you ready to step into your own Fully Fearless Freedom?

Feeling lost? Alone? Stuck? Overwhelmed? Not sure of who you are, or, what you want? Let me take your hand and walk you through the door to freedom.

This course has the potential to COMPLETEY CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This is a 7 -week signature package, that includes;

  • 7 x 1 hour 1:1 Coaching sessions (typically conducted over Skype), which are followed by an e-mail recap of the session.
  • Mid-week ‘homework’ between modules, to assist in gaining clarity, peel back layers to reveal your ‘true self’, and help shift your perspective to heal and release any self-sabotaging blockages.
  • A FREE 1 hour coaching, 1:1 session voucher that may be used within 1 year of completing this course.
“If your searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror”-Unknown


Each week, you will be given GOAL oriented and practical activities that assist you throughout the week & create energetic, conscious momentum in your life. This course is a profound leap into your own self-discovery & is really only for those who are truly prepared to look. 

Week 1: Dreamsetting

Most people live in a world of limitations. Feeling not good enough, not smart enough,  not strong enough, etc. and by doing so, create a ‘limit’ as to what they feel worthy enough to receive. This week;

  • Unlocks your dreams without limitations.
  •  Helps you rediscover the art of balance, & how to create more of it.
  • Teaches  the power of acceptance and vibrational alignment.
  • Aids in the discovery of your souls personal alignment.

Week 2: Discovering who you really are.

As new born babies, each of us will land into a world, determined by our geography, culture, biology, religion and family dynamics . It shapes what we believe happiness to be, what success means, how we ‘should behave’ and so on. In a sense, it conditions us to ‘be like everyone else’,all of which, most, will never question. This week will;

  • Establish what you believe versus who you really are
  • Consciously identifying & remove any self sabotaging beliefs
  • Clarify understanding of current self and what makes you ‘tick’.
  • Teach you how to align with the ‘feeling of life’

Week 3: Finding Core without conditioning.

The only thing that keeps us back is ourselves. Our sub-conscious is all of our memories, thoughts and urges that are outside of our conscious awareness, of which there are many. Indeed, there is so much stored in our sub conscious mind that we walk around most of our lives ‘programmed’ and unaware. This week will;

  • Focus on your value set and aligning your actions with them.
  • Help understand motivation, how to increase it .
  • Help easily overcome any ‘hurdles’ on your path
  • Teach how best to leverage energy for momentum.

Week 4: Seeing your story

We each have a ‘story’, which in essence is ‘where we have been’. For some, this story is filled with lessons and growth, but for most, there will be parts of the ‘story’ that we hold unto tightly, because it ‘defines’ who we are. But what if part of that story keeps repeating? Or is not letting you fully live in the present moment? This week will;

  • Help you analyse, review and understand your own story
  • Look for patterns/cycles in your life and how to move past them.
  • Review your life lessons and turn them into your super powers.
  • Teach you how to live your life in complete presence and awareness.

Week 5: Creating and maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul.

When we say ‘mind, body and soul’, we tend to think of them as separate parts of us, yet, they are very much interconnected. To heal one, we heal all other layers and to be out of balance with one, we can create imbalance issues in the other. This week will;

  • Teach the interconnectedness of the mind, body and soul.
  • Observe any balance issues in your own life and their point of inception.
  • Give you practical, advice to initiate into your daily life, to rebalance.
  • Help you understand the ‘why’ of self-sabotaging behaviours.

Week 6: Aligning with abundance.

Most people will say that they don’t have ‘enough’ of something. Maybe this is money, friends, health, love or something else entirely, but whatever it is, it always seems ‘out of reach’ and quite often unattainable. This week;

  • Will teach Universal Laws, along with helping you understand the science behind energy and momentum.
  • Identify ways in which you ‘step out of’ energetic alignment in your own life.
  • Assist you in changing your energy to align with what you truly desire.
  • Teach you techniques to ‘re-programme’ your mind and manifest abundance.

Week 7: The secrets of life long happiness

My intention for this course is to completely change your life, not temporarily, but, forever. The last week in this 7 week series will;

  • Teach you how to empower yourself in any situation.
  • Help you understand the influence of ‘others’ in your life.
  • Enable you to make aligned and conscious decisions for any situation.
  • Assist you in pulling together all of the knowledge gained over the previous 6 weeks and apply this to your life.

Are you ready to discover who you truly are? 

*If you have any questions or would like to know more about this course or any of my other services, then avail of the FREE 30 minute, no obligation consultation, whereby we can have a chat (via WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Skype), I can answer any questions and together, see how I can best be of service to you.

Before you go!

Don’t forget!, ALL of my courses can  be supplemented with Reiki, which will energetically propel you quicker towards your own personal clarity, GOALS and self-discovery. If you have any questions JUST ASK! xx