Reiki & Quantum Energy Healing

This is a 120 minute (2 hour) session via Zoom with Janet, who will be giving you a full reiki bath to help you relax, bring wellness into your body, & remove any energy stagnation. She will then work at a quantum level on all of your etheric bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental & physical), repairing any blockages, auric discord,  retrieving any soul loss (due to trauma), & instigating energetic alignment unto your highest path. The energy work will last for 90 minutes and the remaining 30 minutes will be spent talking together to integrate, ground,  & detail the next best actions to take. This session is best suited to those who are ready for a major life ‘reboot’ and are ready to embrace a new timeline for themselves.

This session is suitable if…..

  •  You want to take a cosmic leap into your healing journey & are ready to embrace a new timeline.
  • You feel ‘stuck’ in life and would like to get to the root cause & receive clarity on what next best action to take.
  • You want to clear heavy, stagnant energy that is leaving you anxious or nervous.
  • You desire clarity and energetic alignment on your path.
  • You have a deep desire to heal at a core level.
  • You are ready to clear old patterns, beliefs & cycles in your life.
  • You feel tired, lethargic and unmotivated and want to move into a more joyful state of being

What you can expect from session….

First, Janet will walk you through a guided reiki meditation that will bathe your entire body in source energy to bring a sense of deep relaxation and envelope your entire body in the highest healing frequencies. This mediation will calm the mind & nervous system so that you can fully come into your body and the present moment. She will then ground your energy in preparation for the Quantum work.

Then, Janet will move into the Quantum Field  looking for any  areas of stagnation or energetic discord within your body and aura, removing and transmuting these energies in real time and cleansing your energy field. Whilst doing this she will highlight what the discord/stagnation relates to and any other information as it arises within the session (This includes any messages from guides, past life issues etc).

Janet will also call back any energy/power, you  may have lost in traumatic experiences in this life, or in a previous lives. She will do this by looking for areas within your energy field that are disconnected / disassociated from self and calling back and then sealing the energy.

As a trauma & mental health informed, conscious coach, Janet will review the messages that came through for you and how you can move through the blocks that came up for you with ease and comfortability. 

Throughout the session you can ask as many or as little questions as you like.

This session is here to help you transform and unlock the next level and steps in your life. These sessions can help with, removing anxiety, gaining clarity, providing inspiration, healing deep trauma, helping you feel ‘unstuck’, changing your percpetion and thought pattern and generaly, propelling you forward on your healing journey.