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A little about me…

 I’m from N. Ireland and currently residing, with my lively 5-year-old daughter. I have a Bsc Hons degree in Applied Psychology, which I gained in 2004, and I currently work as a Conscious Soul Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Worker and Motivational Speaker; my greatest joy and passion is in helping guide others to fulfilment, peace and joy in their lives, through healing the subconscious and creating intuitive clarity; Read more here…

 Reiki Courses, Northern Ireland….

Level 1 and 2 Reiki Training, initiation and certification; Belfast N. Ireland,

Next date: 15th June, 2019, Level 1 and 16th, Level 2 .

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 Reiki Courses, online….

I offer Reiki training from Level 1 right through to Mastership through my online course. Instead of meeting face to face, I provide you with the training in manuals, from which you can work at your own pace and learn this sacred, healing art. All initiations/attunements will also be completed at a distance. 

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 Reiki Healing….

 I am a Master Teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, which is a traditional Japanese energy healing technique.Our bodies are made up of energy, even at a cell level science can tell us this.  As Reiki Practitioners, we connect to ‘source/sacred (Rei) energy (ki)’ that is the Universal Energy of all matter. As a Reiki Master I am merely a conduit for which the Reiki Energy can be released and thus used to heal.

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Soul Plan Reading…..

An ancient system that is a combination of numerology, science and spirituality, using the vibration of your birth name, to gain clarity into your life, your purpose, skills, and challenges that you were born with. Just by simply reading your soul plan great clarity can be achieved and help you heal at a deep subconscious level.

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Conscious Coaching….

You are enough. You always have been. Yet most live their life thinking that something is ‘wrong’, looking for someone or something to confirm that they are worthy, loved and ultimately ‘enough’. I used to be like this. Then I discovered my ‘true self’. A self that needs no recognition from anyone, a self that knows my life has been created in perfection to show me who I really am and a self that sees that all things I was searching for, were actually already within me, I just needed to change my perspective on how I viewed it all. My coaching uses ‘conscious questioning’, meditation & mindfulness techniques and psychology to help you too find the inner peace, stillness and self-worth that I discovered. Anything I ‘teach’ others I have seen work in my own life and only wish to help others discover that life is truly beautiful, we can be, do and see anything we want, we just first have to step out of the conditioned walls of our own mind made limitations. Read more here.

The Orb of Life…

The Orb of Life makes use of purified life force energy to cleanse and release stagnant energy from the system. Once in place, the orb flows continuously. The orb can also be used to charge food, water or objects, heal, cleanse and remove negativity, just to name a few of the uses. There is no prerequisite to receiving the Orb other than the willingness to do so. It is often refered to as a ‘Spiritual Gift’ passed from teacher to student. Read more here

Conscious Partnerships…

Throughout my own journey into self discovery, I have had the privilege to meet others on the same path. Each, with their own unique vibe, but at the same time, aligned with each other. If you would like to read more about my partners you can do so by clicking here.