One night, as I lay on my bed pondering the answer to a life question I had received via the Akashic Records, I began to feel a deep gratitude encompass me. Gratitude for having the ability to tap into this higher dimension, my own ‘book of life’ and immediately feel comforted and clear in my next steps. It had been such a familiar friend to me for many years, yet, it wasn’t until this moment that I felt profound & deep gratitude in being able to access it. This sense of gratitude was what propelled me to create a Masterclass for others, with the intention of teaching them how to access this dimension within themselves & also have the ability to get direction, advice, heal & understand self in a completely new way.

Janet Gracey

4 Week Masterclass: Accessing the Akashic Records

There is a space of limitless power, infinite possibilities, deep healing & divine guidance, which we call the Akashic Records. This Masterclass will teach you how to access it.

Starting on the 19th Feb, 2023

Running each Sunday for 4 consecutive weeks, each class lasts for 2 hours and is packed full of written & practical theory, at 7-9pm GMT (2-4pm EST) and will also be recorded.

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What is the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records stem from the  Sanskrit word “akasha” which means “space”/”ether”. The Akashic Records are a multi-dimensional library of pure energy and light, beyond time and space. The records contain everything that has happened up to this point in time and everything that ever will happen. Within this dimension, all details of your personal soul journey also exists, meaning you can discover the depths of your own soul, gain clarity & insight, heal, and answer any questions you may have. Through a meditative mind and state, everyone has the ability to access this space.

What can the Akash help with?
  • Your life purpose/direction (What is my soul purpose? How can I align onto my highest path, etc)
  • Any ‘why’ questions you may have. (Why is this person in my life, Why did this happen to me? etc)
  • To uncover and heal blockages on your life’s path (What is my blockages to money?, Why can’t I manifest love? etc)
  • Connecting to past lives. (What from my past life remains unresolved? Do I have a connection to the roman era? etc.)
  • Aid in decision making and direction. (what do I need to know now, What path should I choose etc)
  • Deep soul healing and transformation. (How can I better access my higher self? What is blocking my spiritual journey? etc)
  • Connect with your guides and spirit team. (Who has come in to assist me? What messages do my guides have for me right now? etc)

In essence you can ask the Akash anything that you like and receive an answer.

4 Week Akashic Records Masterclass

Over the course of 4 weeks, we will delve into the Akashic Records dimension, the realm of ‘all answers’ & teaching you how to confidently access this realm for yourself. This masterclass also includes:

The theory of the Akash & how to access this dimension

Preparing self physically, mentally & spiritually to enter the Akashic Field.

Understanding & activating your intuitive channels and sacred heart space.

Showing you how to pinpoint the root causes of your limiting beliefs.

How to utilize this space to bring your life into alignment.

Accessing & understanding your spiritual gifts.

Connecting with your guides and spirit team.

Understanding quantum & timeline healing.

Guided overview on soul retrieval.

Learning the conscious art of self interpretation of the messages.

Knowing what questions to ask & how.

Learning how to integrate knowledge/healing that was initiated in the Akashic Records.

4 Live, training classes with, supported & guided healing journeys into the Akashic Records.


Option 1: Masterclass access only (includes 4 weeks of live training & a recorded copy of all 4 weeks)£111

Option 2: Option 1, plus a certificate of completion £121

Option 3: Option 1, plus a training booklet  £131

Option 4: Option 1, plus a certificate of completion, & training booklet £141

Akashic Records Masterclass

Payment Options:

If you do not have access to paypal, I have other booking options also available. Please contact me on

Once booking has been confirmed you will be sent an email from which will confirm your place, contain some useful information and detail all of the zoom links required.


Do I need any ‘special gifts’ to do this Masterclass?

You are the gift! The Akashic Records can be accessed by anyone, so the only thing you ‘need’ is an open mind and a willingness to explore and learn.

Do I need to attend the live classes?

It is recommended that you do so that you have the opportunity to ask any questions, however you can still learn and understand everything by only watching the recordings.

Do I need to talk/have my camera on during the Masterclass?

It is completely your decision. Some will choose to be seen and to interact and others will attend without speaking or having their camera on, both are fine.

What is the cancellation/refund policy on this Masterclass?

We understand that ‘life’ happens, often in the most unexpected ways, so we do offer a full refund/credit note up to the 18th Feb, however, no refunds/credit notes will be issued after this date.

Why is there an additional cost for a training booklet and certificate?

We wanted to keep the cost of this Masterclass at a certain level of affordability, so that more could access. The certificate and training booklet are not ‘necessary’ to access the Akash, they are just supporting tools of the Masterclass. As standard everyone in attendance will receive the Zoom links for each class.