A little about me…

I’m from Northern Ireland and currently residing, with my lively 5-year-old daughter. I have a Bsc Hons degree in Applied Psychology, which I gained in 2004, and I spent much of my career working internationally within the busy corporate world of Media and Publishing. To many I was ‘succeeding’, after all, I had played by the ‘rules of life’, received my degree, entered a good career, travelled the world and bought at home. Yet, I felt this just wasn’t ‘me’, this couldn’t be all there would be to my life? Was I truly happy? What was it that I was really searching for? Who am I?  I spent many years in a spiral of self- denial, blocking my feelings with substances and  generally, ignoring my inner calling in whatever way I could.  One day I finally had enough, I made a commitment to myself to discover who I was, had the world not got it’s hands on me. What did I really enjoy? What was it I truly wanted? I decided to look, and so my inwards journey to ‘true self’ began, and what I discovered, changed my world forever.

My internal quest re-routed me back to my original roots in Psychology and led me down a path towards energy healing through the gift of Reiki, meditation and mindfulness. It ultimately re-aligned me with my true ‘purpose’ in becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, Conscious Coach and Meditation Teacher.

Any of the methods or practices I either teach or conduct I have utilised in my own life, seen them work and wish only to share with others. Really, the biggest discovery I have found in my search for ‘self’ is that I was enough already, in that the only thing I really had to change about my life or experiences to date, was how I perceived them, appreciating that all aspects of life are happening NOW and that when you re-align with this knowing your entire world changes. In other words what I believed to be true and where my attention really lay.

If you would like to know more about the services that I offer or how I can serve you on your inward journey, please feel free to avail of the FREE 30 minute consultation. xx

With love & light on your journey.



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