A little about me…

I’m from Northern Ireland and currently residing, with my lively 6-year-old daughter. I have a Bsc Hons degree in Applied Psychology, which I gained in 2004, and I spent much of my career working internationally within the busy corporate world of Media and Publishing. To many I was ‘succeeding’, after all, I had played by the ‘rules of life’, received my degree, entered a good career, travelled the world and bought at home. Yet, I felt this just wasn’t ‘me’, this couldn’t be all there would be to my life? Was I truly happy? What was it that I was really searching for?  What am I missing? Who am I?  I spent many years in a spiral of self- denial, blocking my feelings with substances, work, lots of distractions and  generally, ignoring my inner calling in whatever way I could. Then in January 2015, in my small living room in London, I had a profound inner awakening. An awakening that transcended any experience I have ever had before. It slotted all  the pieces of my life puzzle into place instantly, it answered my most fundamental questions, it literally and magnificently changed my life. Suddenly everything made perfect sense. 

Soon after, through this ‘new inner vision’ I had an inner calling to train in Reiki, of which I am now a Master Teacher. Reiki was divinely sent  to help me heal and release old energy and to ground all of the new awareness I had been receiving. Indeed, it was through the path in Reiki that I began to accept my own gifted ability to read energy, of which was always present, but for most of my life untapped into. I then saturated myself into learning about, working with, feeling and understanding the energy that surrounds us all. It is because of this ‘natural’ ability to feel energy that I can hone into ‘what is not being said’, whether that is intentional or at a sub-conscious level. It’s kind of like being able to go straight to the core of our greatest blockages in this lifetime by identifying the root cause. Once the cause has been identified it’s then about learning to hold the energy that arises, feeling it and saturating in it’s lesson until it no longer has a negative on our lives. The transformation of ‘new beginnings’ can commence and a new energetic foundation can be laid in whatever direction of hopes and dreams we so wish.

My role in helping others is to aid in understanding their own Current Energy, Past Energy and the Future Energy they wish to move toward. To hold space for transmutation of any pain or trauma  that keeps us in cycles of destruction, feelings of being stuck, unsure of who we are or unable to move forward in life. And to guide and teach effective methods and practices that create not only a more efficient transformation, but one that will help you create your own tomorrow in your highest alignment and fulfilment. My role will be unique for each person, as ultimately we are all unique.

I do not view myself as a ‘healer’, although many will deem what I do is just that. I see myself as a ‘conduit of the truth’, a ‘way-shower’ and that ultimately it is YOU who heals yourself.

If you would like to know more about my work, would like to begin your journey towards inner self-mastery or are simply curious, you can connect with me for your free 30 minute discovery call.

I feel such a divine gratitude for everyone who crosses my path and whom I can be in service to, for not only do I change your life, but you change mine.

Blessings on your journey.


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