7 Chakra Energetic Alignment & Activation

This is a 60 minute distance session with Janet, who will be giving you a full reiki bath to help you relax, bring wellness into your body,  remove any energy stagnation & ground you, prior to the chakra healing work. She will then work at a quantum level on each of your 7 main chakras in turn (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat, Third Eye, Crown), opening, clearing and balancing each chakra, moving your kundalini energy up your spine in the process, awakening your entire energy field and bringing divine flow back into your life. The energy work will last for 45 minutes, after which Janet will write a full  report, which will be emailed to you. This session is best suited to those who feel the need to have a full ‘blast through’ of their energy meridian to move forward in life.

This session is suitable if…..

  • You feel ‘stuck’ or are procrastinating in life & want to take aligned action.
  • You energetically feel tired, stagnant, heavy or tight energy within your body & want to move it.
  • You have been seeking clarity on your blockages & how best to move through them.
  • You desire balance within your life.
  • You have deep desire to heal & know the highest essence of self.

What you can expect from this session….

This is a distance session, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, & you will be sent an e-mail detailing ‘best practice’ to actively receive this session.

Janet will begin by bathing your entire body in source energy & then grounding it into a crystal cave to stabilise & relax you for the session.

Then, Janet will move into the Quantum Field  and begin working through your 7 main chakras, starting at the root and moving up to the crown, which follows the flow of your own kundalini energy. Each chakra will be cleared, balanced and activated to its highest energetic potential, until your entire energy meridian is activated and moving freely with no resistance.

The energy healing lasts for 45 minutes, after which, Janet will prepare & email, a full written report on what she finds within each chakra, this typically includes; the blockages, where they are located, why they are there, what action is best for you to take going forward. She will also include any ‘additional’ information as it appears (guides, past life blockages, old memories, guidance etc).

These sessions are especially effective if you feel ‘stuck’, ‘unsure’ or are just procrastinating in life to really push forward with determination and clarity