Have you ever wondered who you really are? What it is your supposed to be ‘doing’ with your life? What it would feel like to live in alignment? In abundance? Joy?  And why perhaps it has felt so hard to find? Are you tired of just  feeling like you are existing?  Do you want to master your life? Well, these are questions I asked too, and now I want to help you unlock your own Fully Fearless Freedom.

We begin on the 24th of January…… are you ready to really change?

Who is this course for?

With my unconditional love, guidance and support, together over 7 weeks I will help you discover who you really are, dismantle your blockages, deeply heal from subconscious programming, align your energy with abundance and provide practical tools and techniques for you to continue on your own life’s journey consciously, aligned, and much more at peace.

Some of the questions that you can answer through this course:

Who am I really?

What is it that I really want?

How do I move forward/ feel less ‘stuck’?

What is my purpose in life?

How can I live a fulfilled life?

What is the meaning of life?

How can I find my own sense of happiness?

Why do I keep repeating the same cycles in my life?

How can I change the way I feel?

What’s the best way to manifest the life I want?

How can I heal my life?

How do I identify and overcome my blocks?

What role does energy play in my life?

How can I know what is ‘good for me’?

Are you ready to master your life?

FULLY FEARLESS FREEDOM is a deep dive into your souls needs, wants and journey. Using a blend of psychology, spirituality, energy work and lots of  soul based activities, this course will transport your life into a new world, a world consciously created by you, and as such, help you live a life  of fully fearless freedom  – Janet Gracey
OVER 7 weeks within FULLY FEARLESS FREEDOM , you will:

In week 1,  we begin taking the steps towards your  NEW LIFE   by connecting with what it is you really want without limitationsunpacking what life satisfaction means to you, learning the power of acceptance & embodying current self , whilst  consciously focusing your energy towards your personal goals for the future.

For Week 2, you will begin to answer one of the questions asked most by humans, WHO AM I REALLY?  You  will learn to identify if its your ego, or your soul talking, understand  your conditioning, expose your dominant beliefs about self, define what it is you truly value & uncover your fears.

Week 3 will HEAL YOUR TIMELINE using a compliment of meditation, energy work, psychology & self enquiry techniques you will review your personal story, whilst looking at themes & cycles in your life, to help identify, heal and reconstruct a new timeline for yourself,  free from the familiar past.

In week 4, we will delve into SHADOW WORK were you will explore, hold, love and embrace the deeper aspects of  self  that we so often push aside, stuff down, or just simply refuse to see. You will be shown how to identify the shadow self, the consci0us art of self healing, and how to  embrace and work with your own potent, untapped potential.

By week 5 you will be ready delve into MASTERING MANIFESTING  whereby you will be shown how to manifest quickly through the energetic awareness of the mind, body, soul connection.  Identify the blockages to your own manifesting, and understand in an easy, tangible way how to overcome any obstacles, begin to master your mind, and align with the energy of the life that you seek.

Week 6 will help you maintain LIFE LONG HAPPINESS by teaching you the art of conscious decision making, alignment & self empowerment. You will also be shown the most valuable lesson of the entire 7 weeks, “how to become the observer”.

The final week 7, is embodying the NEW YOU reviewing the past 49 days in this container together, knowing that change has now enveloped your life as you have been touched by the presence of your own willingness for self understanding & discovery. This week will be the ‘wrap up’ , teaching you how to fully embrace the new, as your life changes with momentum, clarity & stability.

“If your searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror”-Unknown

The course includes:

  • 7 hours of  recorded soul centred and inspiring lessons
  • 24/7 whatsapp access for chat and support
  • 7 recorded intentional reiki sessions designed to consciously shift your energy
  • 7 training booklets packed full of mind expanding tasks, deep enquiry and reprogramming techniques.
  • 7 weekly LIVE group sessions with meditation,  mindset re-writing, Q&As and so much more!

The Fully Fearless Freedom container is a life changing dive into the deepest parts of yourself.  Over the next 7 weeks join me & other like minded souls, as I guide, encourage and hold space for you to truly discover who you are, what is really holding you back, how to effectively heal your own life and to begin to align and manifest with the life of your deepest desires. Are you really ready to change?

The container for FULLY FEARLESS FREEDOM opens on the 24th January – for those who book PRIOR to the 17th, you will be offered a 30 minute 1;1 Distant Reiki Bath prior to the container opening 
Join  Us – Its time to invest in yourself

The Fully Fearless Freedom container opens on the 24th of January (Monday). Each Monday for 7 weeks you will receive your training booklet with tasks, (NLP, self enquiry psychology, binaural beats, just to name a few of the activities) and also the weekly bespoke  Reiki Meditation session to remove energetic blockages and open up your consciousness to fully receive and activate the weekly lessons. Each Wednesday, you will receive a mid-week ‘check in’ and each Saturday we will have a LIVE group check in where you can ask questions, we will do ad hoc healing sessions, delve deeper into self enquiry and so much more. In addition you will have 24/7 access to a chat option if you require encouragement.

Once you have booked you will be sent an email from fullyfearlessfreedom@janetgracey.com. This will include your welcome booklet, details of payment plans & times for your Reiki Bath* (*offer only applicable up to the 17th January).

REFUND / CANCELLATION policy. You will be given a FULL refund of any monies paid up to and including the 17th January, 2022, after which date a £50 deposit will be retained to cover costs of the programme. Once the programme has started payments must be made each month in full to clear any outstanding balance.

£777 One off payment

 £389 x 2 monthly instalments

£195 x 4 monthly instalments