What is the “Wheel of Life”?

The wheel of life is a simple but powerful tool that aids in visualising all the important areas of your life at once and helping you see where your life is ‘out of balance’ and indeed, where your life is ‘flourishing’.  Generally, we break the Wheel up into the ‘major aspects of life’ so, spiritual, psychological, social, professional, recreational and physical, as this will be the ‘pre-determined’ factors that make up a ‘full and contented’ life. However, the wheel is also personal, so whilst I have labelled sections for you to ponder on, I do urge you to take time and ensure that each of these sections feel ‘important’ to you. If you don’t resonate with a section, change it! Once you download your PDF, use it, reflect on it and if you can, update it regularly.

Wheel of Life PDF

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