The Orb of Life was initially discovered and created by Danish Meditation Master Ole Gabrielsen, founder of Kundalini Reiki (amongst other healing modalities namely Tachyon and Full Spectrum Light). The Orb is not a physical object but rather an etheric highly concentrated energy ball of Life Force (prana, Chi, Ki) and it is often viewed as a ‘Spiritual Gift’, passed from teacher to student. Once given the Orb, you will always have it and the energy does not fade. Indeed, you can also create your own Orbs and ‘gift’ them to others. There is no pre-requisite to receive the Orb of Life, you don’t need to be a ‘healer’, you just simply have to accept this wonderful gift, which will not only enhance your life, but also your spiritual development.

The Orb, sits at the top of our head, it acts like an antenna and draws in Life Force Energy, constantly and consistently, you can even ‘programme’ your Orb to complete certain tasks.

Some uses for the Orb of Life:

  • Healing yourself and others.
  • Cleansing auras and chakras
  • Provide energetic protection
  • Enhances meditative experiences
  • Charging water/crystals etc.
  • Clearing negative energy from people or spaces
  • Send distant healing

What will you receive ?

  • A personal Orb of Life, that you can ‘call in’ at your own convenience. It will last a lifetime and never wear out!
  • A 19 page ‘user guide’ which will detail how you will accept your Orb, how to use to and how to create and ‘gift’ others.
  • Details on lineage. So how your Orb gift has been passed to you, through a succession of teachers.

The cost of receving the Orb and the user manual is at an energetic exchange of £22