“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching 

Of all the pages in this world wide web you have found me.  At some level you must be looking for ‘something more’ and you’ve just taken your first step in finding it.

I would love to help and guide anyone who resonates with my message.  I offer a free 30 minute consultation if you would like to dip your toe in the coaching pool.

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What is Conscious Coaching?

Conscious  Soul Coaching works on the ethos and premise that you “do not need to be fixed” or in fact that “anything is wrong”. Its about bringing you back to the understanding that you always were, still are and always will be enough.  

From the moment we are born we are dropped into communities and families, who tell us how to behave, what to believe as true and how our lives are ‘expected’ to be conducted. On top of this we all then experience what some may call ‘significant life events’, so for instance death, marriage, birth, job loss, bullying, physical ailments etc., and each one of these experiences (along with smaller life events), will leave ‘imprints on our psyche and energetic bodies’, most often unconscious. In terms of Psychology we call this ‘Social Conditioning’ and this is what ultimately influences how we think, act and respond in our lives.

My goal, is to help strip back all of the Social and Environmental conditioning and help you discover who you truly are, your gifts, talents and true self expression had these boxes of conditioning not occurred. In addition, I believe that ALL experiences in life, whether or not the mind deems them as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, are to help you grow, help remove veils of illusion and bring you to a higher understanding of your true self, to bring a higher perspective to your daily awareness and connect you back to the Divine Source within.

I conduct my sessions with conscious questioning and reasoning, mindfulness practices, meditation exercises and aligned breathing methods, all designed to re-align your mind, body and soul back into the perfection of your own being and help you ultimately achieve inner peace , not as a temporary state, but one which you will learn to hone and feel for the rest of your entire life journey. So in essence reuniting you back to your own INNER POWER to live your life in FULLY FEARLESS FREEDOM.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

“There has to be more to life than this?”    

 “Why do I feel so unfulfilled?”  

  “What is my true purpose?

If you have then I can help. Help you find Inner Peace. This is my niche.

 As a  (Conscious) Coach I see that most of our thinking and actions, as a result of social/environmental conditioning and a dash of ‘the great journey of life’, in that growth, is usually only possible when we pass through events that at first we wouldn’t have thought we had the strength too . It is my belief there is nothing in this life that we cannot overcome, grow from and learn to understand from the perspective of gratefulness for the lessons that we are shown, which in turn we can harness into a power to create a life that we truly desire.

I utilise intuitive, psychological  and mindfulness techniques to aid and draw out understanding of oneself, asking intentional questions to push the boundaries of your own beliefs  and ultimately breaking down the walls of conditioned thinking.

We are all enough already, it’s only our conditioned thinking which has lead us to believe otherwise.  As a consequence most people operate from a place of fear and anxiety, which in turn creates self made boundaries and creative blocks, which, ultimately stops us from living and walking a life of true purpose and happiness.

I fully see myself in your service and each person as an individual. I believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside

Our sessions are designed to give you the space to discover your goals and create strategies to aid and assist you in achieving them.

Amongst my clients are those:

  • Looking to discover their true purpose

  • To create a sense of Peace and Harmony throughout their whole Life.

  • Those looking for that ‘something else’.

  • Spiritually awakenig to their true self.

  • Those who feel ‘hopeless’ or have come to the ‘end of the road’

  • Looking for a sense of true fulfilment in Life.