Closing my phone, I could feel the ‘bubble of frustration’ rearing its head. Yet another person who  was appearing ‘rude’ and ‘ungrateful’ had connected with me and frankly I was starting to have enough.

Given my line of work throughout the day I get many people connecting with me, some just looking advice, some asking for healing and some just needing someone who will listen. In truth, this is what I love about my job. The questions. The sense that ‘others’ want to know their true self deeper. The gratefulness I feel that they trust me enough to ask. The joy I sense having walked this path and am now in a position to ‘help’.

This last month though has been particularly ‘busy’. At a deeper sense we are ‘ascending’ as a world and as we are in ‘Scorpio Season’ a lot of truth is being revealed both on a global and personal level. Being a conscious coach, I am aware this is all in the ‘Divine Perfection of Life’, I see it, I watch it unfold. Yet for some reason this last week has left me feeling a little ‘depleted’. Perhaps it is the fact I have had the cold? Have many new ideas for my business that I just don’t seem to have the time to ‘get going’.  That I haven’t been able to spend as much 1:1 time with my daughter as I would have liked? Or maybe there was something deeper to it?

I spoke with a friend who is ‘very consciously aware’ to reason some of the feelings that were coming up for me. I was explaining  that I  felt an  overwhelming sense of ‘ungratefulness around me’, ‘misalignment with purpose’, that ‘I wasn’t sure that I was offering the right services’, that ‘I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue on this path’. My friend quietly listened while I pulled these deep feelings off my chest. Then they said, “But you believe in the perfection of life itself”. This was enough to change my conscious awareness again.


When you believe in ‘Life’ and all that it delivers. When you believe that EVERYTHING is for reason. When you believe that ALL people who come and go are to teach us lessons. Then you must look at what has been learnt,what was needed to be seen.

Honestly, I would not deem myself as someone who does not want ‘to give’, indeed I deem myself as someone who is aware of the Laws of the Universe. Someone who knows that we are all ultimately connected. Someone who knows that the mind is the greatest ‘trickster of all’ and that all that really exists is NOW. Yet here I was ‘getting frustrated’ to what I assumed was an ‘injustice in my Life’, having lost complete foresight of reason. So, what did I learn?

I learnt that these feelings were coming from a sense of ‘not being appreciated’, which meant that some part of me ‘needed the appreciation from others’, even though previously I would have believed I had ‘transcended’ this issue. I learnt that these feelings were provoking a sense of ‘being overwhelmed’ which in essence meant that some part of me was ‘resisting the journey of life itself’, even though I believed I had ‘transcended this issue’. I learnt that my perspective was focused on that which I did not want to see, yet if I turned my head I had an abundance of love, support and gratitude not only flowing into, but flooding my life, even though I believed I had ‘transcended’ this issue.  I learnt once again the importance of knowing we are only as ‘conscious’ as our awareness extends to and the divinity of having this ‘frustrating experience’ enter my life was created for me to see this deeper awareness of self. I remembered than none but ourselves can change our own vibrational output or how we feel inside and that ‘shadow’ will always be our greatest teacher.

In this moment I felt the most overwhelming sense of thanks, gratefulness and love to all those people who had come into my life and helped me see this.


Life can be perceived as being, ‘too much’, ‘too busy’, ‘too something’, but the reality is that EVERY experience is for reason, EVERY single one. I coach this stuff, I preach this stuff, yet here I was being humbled again in my own life, such is the beauty of growth.

As I write this article, my 4-year-old daughter has come up beside me, kissed me on the cheek and just said “I am so proud of you”. What an awesome, planned, perfect life we have.

Notice the emotion, look for the lesson, see the perfection, then overcome.


Peace, love and light to all who reads this today.