The following is a ritual I conduct on each full moon, you can adapt it to your own needs/what makes you feel comfortable, but the principle of each Full Moon is to harness the energy of the moon to release that which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

I do want to note that when we ‘release’ there is sometimes a period of ‘adjusting’ to that release, it may make us experience ‘uncomfortable emotions’ or create certain events in our lives that help us realign. However, honour this period of adjustment with the full knowing that your life is realigning to your highest good.

During Full Moons and the days prior to and post, be extra loving to yourself. Rest if you need to, meditate when you can, take baths, walk in nature and keep yourself well hydrated.


Tools needed: Paper and Pen.  Optional: White candle, crystals, sage.

  1. Prepare your space:

Firstly you want to create a ‘sacred space’ for yourself. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy and indeed you don’t need to use candles, crystals or sage (this is just my preference), but make it relaxed, inviting and calming. In essence you want to remove any distractions such as the TV, other people or clutter.

  1. Invoke Gratitude.

Consciously think of all things you are grateful for in your life, spend some time in this quiet contemplation of gratitude. We do this because by looking at what we are ‘thankful for’, we change our vibration into a positive output and it helps align our energy to our ‘highest self’.

  1. Call in help.

Some people may wish to skip this step and others may which to change it slightly, both a fine (after all this is YOUR ritual). For me, I call in the angels, gods, goddesses, ascended masters, ancestors and any other being of the pure white light who would like to assist and help at this time. Be sure to thank all who participated at the end of your ritual!

  1. Write it down.

Next, take your paper and pen and at the top of the sheet you can write “Full Moon in (whatever sign the full moon falls in) and then the date. Below this you can start to write all that you wish to release. Start each sentence with “I release…” and then write whatever you so wish. You may find that you need a few bits of paper for this and generally most people find this a cathartic experience in itself. Below is a few examples of what I may write, although always make them specific to yourself.

“I release that which is not mine”

“I release all obstacles to my path”

“I release limiting beliefs”

“I release fears and doubts”

“I release attachment to outcome”.

  1. Add the following

Once you are satisfied that you have completed your list write the following at the bottom of your page: (as always, if this doesn’t feel comfortable for you to write, adapt it to your own needs…there is no wrong way!)

“I demand that all bodies, programmes, implants, thoughts, frequencies, vibrations and patterns that are enabling and anchoring the energy I’m intending to release, to leave me and my energy, through all space, time and dimensions, on every layer of my existence.

You have no place here.

I declare, all these things to be so and in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good.

So it is.”

Take a few moments to re-read all that you have written, including the declaration at the end and spend 5-10 minutes meditating on this piece of paper.

  1. Set it on fire.

I do want to add a word of caution before we discuss setting this on fire, that you are safe and sensible when doing so. Always remember to keep yourself safe, complete this in a ‘safe’ area and always use a fireproof container to do so.

Place your piece of paper into a fireproof container (my preference is to do this outdoors, under the full moon) and set the paper alight. Watch it burn, If it goes out without burning the entire sheet of paper, carefully, take out the piece that hasn’t burned and read the words that have been left and then once again set it alight. Do this until the entire paper is now in ashes. Once cooled, you can discard the ashes safely (where doesn’t really matter).

  1. Let it go.

Now you have completed your ritual you may find a sense of ‘release’ filling your body, or indeed you may feel nothing, we are all different and all things are perfect to you. The important thing is to let it go. Accept that it is done, and the universe will take care of the rest. Over the next few days you may notice this release taking place in your life, honour this and express gratitude frequently.