For the small energy exchange of £50 you can unlock the secret vibration of your life.

Your Soul Plan Reading is:

  • An explanation of your soul’s goals both worldly and spiritually
  • An understanding of the experiences your soul has chosen to experience in this Lifetime
  • An explanation of the challenges you are or have been facing
  • An explanation of the talents and characteristics latent or manifested within you

The benefits of receiving a Soul Plan Reading:

  • A clearer sense of your life’s purpose
  • An understanding of your life to date and why you have had the experiences you have
  • Personal growth
  • Clarity about life, your role in it and the best way forward

What you get

You will receive your SoulPlan within 72 hours of placing the order, provided that you include the full name given at BIRTH in the paypal  information box. I will send you back at 16-17 page PDF document that is specific to you and the vibration of your name to the e-mail from which the payment came from, unless otherwise stated.