Tarot is traditionally used as a divination tool that can help with finding our direction in life, showing us our blocks & next best steps to take and in general, helping us heal through a connection to a ‘greater power’ (whatever that is for you).

The Tarot in its most simplified terms is reading the energy of each card to draw a conclusion to any question that has been asked. It is used to draw the most ‘probable’ outcome based on current energy, yet, it does not override free will, meaning we all have the ability to change the outcome with our thoughts, actions and words. In essence, the Tarot serves as a guide to connect back to yourself, but it is always you who must initiate the necessary changes.

Every reader has a different ‘style and feel’ to their readings, for me, I want to leave you ‘informed’ and thus ’empowered’ from the session. I typically therefore read from a ‘soul centred perspective’, helping you see the energy that is currently surrounding you, where your energy is heading, where your energy has been, what is blocking you and the next best action to take. All my sessions are designed to help you move forward in your life in a conscious way that works for you.

In essence, tarot is a wonderful, intuitive tool that is used to tap into your subconscious energy to help empower you on this journey of life.


You can book a distant tarot reading, meaning I will conduct and record your reading privately and then send you the link. Prior to the session I will be in contact via email (tarot@janetgracey.com) to get your questions from you. You will be asked to detail what type of reading that you want and/or if you have any specific questions. Your reading will be received within 72 hours of booking.

Tarot & Oracle Distant Session

1:1 SESSION (via Zoom)

Once you have booked your session I will be in contact via e-mail (tarot@janetgracey.com) where you can choose your timeslot for the session, following this you will then be sent a zoom link. You can ask whatever questions you like during the session, time permitting and the session will also be recorded for you to watch at a later date.

Tarot & Oracle 1:1 Session