Reiki healing is a holistic therapy, in that all levels of the person are treated. Whether a physical ailment, an emotional reason or  to enhance spiritual understanding of self, Reiki can help and assist. Below I have listed an outline of my services and packages. Reiki can work with ANY intention, so if you are not sure what package to choose, contact me  and we can discuss your individual needs.


“Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy; while giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful; and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted”  – The Buddha

* All Reiki sessions are conducted at a distance,. This simply means you are not in the same room as me during the session, nor is it conducted via a live feed. Instead at the time of the session you get cozy at home. It is preferable to get yourself into a space you wont be disturbed and keep your spine straight, then simply be open to receive the healing session. Once you have booked your healing session you will receive an e-mail from where you will be given more info on your treatment, what date and time you would like to book  (within 1 week of booking) and also what the intention of your session is. Post session you will be sent feedback via a voicenote.

Distance Reiki Healing (any intention, one off session):

You can set the intention for anything you so wish for any physical. emotional or spiritual issue, OR your intention can simply be “to my highest good” which means we just let Reiki flow in whatever way is best for you at that time.

30|60|90 minute sessions available.



Reiki Session

Reiki Treatment Packages*

*All treatments will begin with an email communication to establish intention and date/time of healing. Post the healing session, I will email you with feedback on the session, usually colours used, any areas of energetic hold and anything else that pops up. The services I offer below are NOT definitive of the Reiki treatments on offer, they are simply the most ‘frequently asked for’. If you have a particular need you want to discuss, just contact me and we can make a treatment plan specific to you.

The Karmic Treatment

For many the term ‘Karma’ is often associated with someone getting ‘pay back’ to an earlier indiscretion or some other similar situation, almost like the Universe wants to ‘punish you’. Yet, we all have ‘Karma’ and in essence it is neither ‘good or bad’. It simply is a creation from our own subconscious beliefs, which creates our repeated actions, which creates our world. Indeed, every Karmic experience, will carry with it a lesson for us to notice and implement in our lives.

Reiki assists in Karmic healing by getting to the ‘root’ of patterns in our lives, it really helps us dig up the patterns and behaviours from inception and release once and for all, from our energetic bodies.

This treatment consists of 3 sessions (dates and times for treatment to be chosen by you).

Week 1: Individual Karma :

Individual Karma, in short, is unique to you. It can show up in our lives  as personal struggles with health, relationships, finances and so on.  So, maybe there is a ‘pattern’ in your life or a ‘cycle’ that just seems to repeat itself. This Reiki session will work on removing any blocks that||| create a repeat of cycles and patterns within your life and any other energetic holds that surround any Karma we carry at an individual level.

Week 2: Ancestral Karma

This is where patterns are passed on from generation to generation.   Some examples of this would be genetic illnesses, relationship issues, mental health problems, childhood abuse and so on. In other words, something that is a ‘common thread’ within your family dynamics. This Reiki session will focus on removing an ancestral patterns that are holding us back from fully embracing life and/or creating cycles within our family dynamics. Through this healing session, you will not only heal yourself, but also your entire bloodlines.

Week 3: Collective Karma.

This is often seen when people who are either related or unrelated experience a similar life event as a collective. Examples of this could be those living in war, victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or other such group incidents. This final session will focusing on removing any Karmic holds related to the collective.

3 Karmic Treatments | £150* (*these sessions are all conducted remotely with feedback sent post each session)

Inner Child Healing

Growing up we are often exposed to situations, programming and events that are entirely out of our control and as a small child we accept these as ‘normal’. It is usually not until we reach adulthood that these events begin to show up in a ‘negative’ capacity in our lives. Whether this is through conditioned thinking and therefore limiting ourselves, PTSD, implanted fears, anxiety or generally not living our lives to the fullest capacity.

Reiki for Inner Child Healing works on the ‘child within’. It helps heal the past by removing the energetic imprints that create undesirable behaviours, emotional triggers and unconscious actions in our lives, leaving only the wisdom of the lessons.

This is a series of 4 x 1 hour healing sessions whereby we will heal the wounded child and any heavy experiences that affect your day to day life.

Upon booking this service you will be sent a new intake form and you can detail all areas that you would like to be healed and we will schedule our first session.

This is a truly wonderful package to release the past with love.

4 x 1 hr Sessions | £ 240* (These sessions are all conducted via Zoom)

Reiki Chakra Cleansing

Our chakras are comprised of  7, energy centres, within the meridian of our bodies.  ‘Life’ and ‘Life Events’ such as emotional upsets , fear, stress and worry can all cause blockages in our energy flow, which in turn, creates disruption in our lives, lack of balance and direction. We focus more on the ‘logical’ side of  life and are less likely to acknowledge our subtle energetic, internal guide.

Reiki energy can be used to regulate the chakras, opening them to flow more freely, awakening you to your higher self, bringing back balance and harmony into your life and healing of the subconscious outputs into a positive vibration, which changes the world that we perceive.

This treatment includes a full Chakra, Distant Reiki “flush through” , opening up each energy centre in turn, cleansing and clearing. (Root – Crown) Followed by feedback of my findings.

30|60 minutes available

Chakra Cleanse

General Treatments Offered

  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Traumas
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Allergies
  • Addictions
  • Headaches/Migrane
  • Accelerated healing
  • Animals
  • Babies/Children
  • Karmic healing
  • Inner child healing
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • ME/Low energy
  • Problem Solving
  • Gaining clarity
  • Cutting cords to the past/with others
  • All physical issues