The Value of Embracing Your Own Truth

I’m writing this as the rain beats down outside, unto that familiar pavement that I once played “1-2-3” on, where I scrapped my knees running too hard down the hill, where I lived my youth. Yet here I am decades later and that childlike adventure, freedom and joy for life still throbs inside me just as vibrantly as it once had.

I have moved back to my childhood home for a few weeks, whilst I decide where in this amazing world I want to experience next. And guess what? The not knowing feels good. The flowing in the moment, embracing the changes of my own consciousness and keeping the doors of possibility open is the true freedom I find in my own being. So why do so many people feel the need to tell me where I am “not making wise decisions?”  Probably because I am the mother to an amazing 4-year-old little girl and well, living life “in the moment”, is not deemed as conducive to a “solid foundation” by the worlds standards.

This blog, whilst based on my own personal stories, is intended to raise the conscious awareness of all who take time to read it, by getting you to see things from another perspective.


You don’t suit that lipstick Janet”, but I like it. “That dress doesn’t suit you”, but I feel good wearing it. “You need to figure out what you’re going to do next”, but I don’t believe this. Yet still, the opinions come, just as they have done for my entire life to date.  Most often with the greatest of intentions, but the people who offer their opinion are forgetting the key aspect, I am not you. So how could you possibly know what I need or want?

We live in a world of defined borders, traditions, what is deemed as ‘right and wrong’ and ultimately a pre-defined vision of what happiness is supposed to be and for most this means following everyone else. Yet somehow, even as a child I knew I didn’t want to be like everyone else, or indeed achieve what I was ‘supposed to’ out of this life. Why? Because everyone around me seemed to operate from a level of unhappiness.

It took me many years to realise that what I knew as a child was indeed true, that happiness comes from living your life how you want. 

I went to school, then to University, earned a Hons Degree and then started ‘working life’, of which I achieved ‘success’ quickly, through a succession of promotions. It’s not to say I didn’t ‘enjoy’ this experience and it afforded me many opportunities to travel around the world and meet some amazing people, for which I am truly thankful, but even when I was at ‘the peak of my career’, had ‘bought my own home’ and was operating from a level the world told me would make me happy, I always felt like something was missing. Something just didn’t feel right. It was as though my own sub conscious was screaming at me to notice the mis-alignment of my life purpose, but my conscious awareness at the time wouldn’t allow me to see it.

Then I, quite unexpectedly, became a mum. My life changed forever.

Maybe it was the sudden responsibility for another human being? The fact I wasn’t on a plane every other month? Or just simply the fact I could no longer ‘run away’ from myself, but my whole world changed. For the first time in my life I wasn’t on ‘autopilot’ and I really started to look at what made me truly happy. My first discovery was that none of the things I had achieved to date where it.


The following years have led me down the path towards the freedom and joy of self. Acknowledging that we are all different, have different needs and what is right for one may not be conducive to another. It has helped me acknowledge that life is a beautiful tapestry of experiences to help bring you back to your true self. Sometimes giving you what you desire and other times not, but all with the intention of helping you see who you really are by showing you who you are not.

I trust myself now. I trust my life. I trust the Universe. I trust that the only person who knows what I need is me. I trust that the things I knew as a child where in fact true.

I don’t get those niggling doubts of confusion anymore because I live my life for me. With good vibrations and positivity. I don’t feel the need to impress anyone or become someone for others to acknowledge, because I understand happiness is not something that can be found in this world but in the fragrance of our own being.

My life, whilst I would say is profoundly different from 10 years ago, is more in touch now, with the child who played games on the street, the child who knew happiness was an inside job, the child who knew all things were possible, the child who loved the experience of joy in each moment and I truly couldn’t be happier.

As humans we need to realise that true happiness and personal fulfilment does not come from what is expected of us. It comes from living each moment in our own personal truth, with our own integrity and truly just doing what we love in each and every moment.

If  something in your life doesn’t feel right or you are simply feeling a little unhappy then start to investigate where your own life has been talking to you, trying to help you see that you are unique, you are a wonderful expression of consciousness and you not only deserve to be happy but you are worthy of the happiness.

“Be yourself no matter what. Some will adore you and some will hate everything about you. But who cares? ITS YOUR LIFE. Make the most out of it” – Author unknown.



  1. Dana Tawfieg 10/10/2017 at 11:31 am - Reply

    Thank you Janet, you are so refreshing and inspiring. I feel compelled to dig deeper and try and find my own version of happiness which is completely unique to me. It can feel very scary to step away from convention, especially in a world where we are judged constantly and this is even harder when you become a parent. You are a reminder that at a time when the world is pulling us in so many negative directions, you need to make peace inside yourself before trying to filter through the chaos around.

    • janetgracey 11/10/2017 at 1:32 pm - Reply

      Thank you Dana for such a lovely post and you have such a beautiful way with words 🙂 Getting to know oursleves is often frightening because at times we have to admit where ‘we have went in thewrong direction’ and that means admitting to oursleves that we ‘dont always get it right’, but what I have found is that this is in fact just the nature of life ‘seeing who we really are by going directions and taking actions’ that are not in alignment with our true selves. Our joy comes from within and I am right behind you whilst you find your piece of happy in this world. With so much love to you. Janet

  2. Amira 11/10/2017 at 7:20 am - Reply

    Janet I couldn’t say this better myself. I have forever battled with trying to please everyone and often not pleasing anyone. It’s unfortunately my nature. I’m always trying to help or solve the problems of other’s when deep inside I KNOW the only person who can solve their problems is themselves. I continually live in the knowledge that I battle with this natural trait in myself and take on too much trying to help. I also know that the happiest times in my life are when I have stepped out of the normal rout and path I have been struggling trying to follow because that’s where society told me I should be going. Stepping out mad me feel brave, elated and excited. I feel I’m at another crossroads at the moment and watching your journey is inspiring. Thank you for that. I know in myself I will find my way I’m not a conventional person I’m a bit in a cloud at the moment but I know it’s part of the process to get there. Thank you for your healing and your peace, love and light. Right back at ya x

    • janetgracey 11/10/2017 at 1:36 pm - Reply

      Ahh so much of this ressonates with me Amira, trying to help everyone, helping no one and only frustarting and tiring our own self out. Are any of us ‘normal’ or indeed what does this actually mean? We are all unique and we all deserve the fountain of hapiness that is alrady ours. Just keep taking the time to check in with yourself and ask “How am I really feeling?”. If its not a good feeling then take a few minutes to re-align yourself.Stick on that favourite song, read that book, talk to the friend who makes you laugh – all these little moments DO add up and then you realise that the personal happiness you were looking for was always in reach, you just had to cnsciously make it happen. With so much love to you my dear friend. Janet xxx

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