Super Blue Blood Moon – January 31st 2018

A supermoon is when the moon is closest to Earth. Blood Moon is just another name for a Lunar Eclipse, because the Moon takes on a red hue and a Blue Moon means a second full moon in 1 month (more poetic than energetic). However this Moon will be an  an extremely rare occurance because it is taking on all of these aspects at once. The last time we experienced a moon like this was 150 year ago.

This is our first eclipse of 2018 and the sun and Venus conjunct Aquarius opposite the moon and the north node will be in Leo. So we are dealing with the energy of Leo and Aquarius. (I should note that I am Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon!)

Leo is about being a star. About you staring in your own life, coming out, being whoever you truly are. This is an opportunity to really get into the feeling of the inner child, who is really there?

A lunar eclipse often shines a light on things that are not working on your life, or, if things have been working (you have been working towards something), now is the time to take centre stage. It also highlights where you need to have a bit more fun in your life.  This truly, is an opportunity to shift a lot of stuff and embrace what makes you excited and in this excitement, is when you draw all your desires to you.

Leo rules the heart, so sometimes you have to cry the sadness and sometimes exhalt in the joy, it’s essentially the opening of the heart chakra. Exploring what ‘turns you on’, your creative energy, boundless and limitless potential, tuning into the higher dimensions. Leo likes to make a statement, rules drama and this moon will ask you to fully step into all of this potential. The Aquarian energy is how you meld your creative energy with everyone else, so that we can all enjoy a part of one another. If you embrace the changes and inspirations this moon brings you can create a new state of being for yourself and the world around you.

This moon wants you to shine, take centre stage in your own life, embrace everything that gives you joy. It asks you to merge this energy of uniqueness with the global collective and share your passion with the world. Indeed, to get you here the moon may have to give you a little ‘shake up’, removing the superfluous from your life, helping you see the unseen, bringing things to an abrupt end and generally pushing you in the right direction.

Its a time to truly re-discover yourself, change direction and move in the flow of your own happiness and potential.

Eclipses always come in cycles and this one is related to the eclipses in Feb and August 2017, therefore, whatever lessons were brewing for you around that time, are now coming to an end and you will be able to bring closures to these eclipse energies, resolve them and put to rest. 2017 was a transformative year for many people, so whatever occured for you, do take time to ponder on your ‘lessons learnt’ as this will serve you well.

The moon represents our emotions and how secure we feel in the world. Full moons guide us to go within and assess what is really going on, clearing out and letting things go. There will be a need to retreat and clear things out, in fact buried truths and hidden emotions are likey to stir around eclipse time and you may need to let these rise before you know what action to take. Eclipses are also known to be emotionally charged and can bring up old wounds. If things get intense remember this is just so that you can realign and make positive changes in your life. Connect with your heart centre and tune into that intuitive wisdom you already hold. This eclipse holds a strong feminine energy and we may experience a focus on feminine rights and power globally.

So, sit back, surrender and enjoy the universal flow.

Some tips to help with this Moons Energies.

  • Meditate: Alot of emotions may come up, past issues, or indeed some things may come to an abrupt end; when you meditate it helps to create clarity, peace and stillness in your life.

  • Let it go: No matter what transpires for you over this Lunar phase, let it go! Whether this is thoughts, feelings people, things or situations just become the watcher of it all. Let it pass you by as you would watch clouds move in the sky.

  • Ground your energy: Full/Lunar Moons and their subsequent energies can make us feel a little off balance. Ensure that you ground your energy to create more balance in your life, this can be done by visualization, meditation, eating earthy foods, going for walks in nature or walking barefoot on the Earth, just to name a few things.

  • Be honest with yourself: Spend some time in quiet contemplation with a notebook and pen and start to ask yourself what you really want and why, this will help when it comes time to move in your new direction or take that inspired action.

  • Dont let fear hold you back: If your mind starts to make up reasons as to ‘why’ you can’t stand in your own glory, notice it and let it go. Your not too old, you do have enough time and resources and you can do it.

Free Moon Reiki

I conduct a Free Weekly Reiki Group Healing and this week it falls on the same evening as our Super, Blue, Blood Moon! If you would like to be part you can join our group, or indeed you can connect with me via email, simply stating your intention to be part. For all who wish to be part please read below so you become familiar with what Reiki is and how it may work in your life.

If you have been part of this group for a while you will be aware I always say “We are all different”, so the ‘outcome’ of Reiki Healing for each person will also be different. Reiki heals on all levels and in essence removes any energy blockages that we may have and shifts this energy from our lives. Some of these blockages , whether emotional or physical we could have lived with for many years.

Some people are sensitive to the energy and some are not, but the Reiki heals us all equally and in a way that is ALWAYS in our own HIGHEST interest. So really your healing journey will be as unique as you are.

We cannot lay a new energetic foundation without the existing energy being cleansed and sometimes this process may appear ‘uncomfortable’. Bringing up subconscious emotions we had buried and need to face, or indeed not even been consciously aware of and also creating physical discomfort in our body as we flush out and renew with a higher energy vibration.

Ways in which the Reiki may manifest are:

• pains and aches, such as headaches, low back pain, joint pain, etc.
• skin discharges, unusual sweating and body odors
• frequent urination, diarrhoea or constipation
• fever, or feeling of coldness (some call this ‘vibrational flu’)
• temporary cessation of menstruation, or decrease in sexual desire
• mental irritability, restless dreams, etc.
• Fatigue

Sometimes these symptoms may never appear and you instantly feel ‘better’, or indeed they may appear for a few hours or days but in rare instances this can go on for weeks and months (through my healing work I have seen around 48 hours to be the average turnaround time). After these symptoms have passed, you will feel a greater sense of clarity in self, usually have more energy and vitality and generally feel the new vibration in your life!

However,to reiterate, Reiki is a SAFE, NATURAL, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, healing technique and you will ALWAYS benefit.

Natural healing techniques can be used to compliment any other health care practice; however they are not a substitute for a proper medical diagnosis and treatment from a licensed healthcare professional. I suggest that you always see your Doctor, or healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health.

You can also link to my other pages to read more on reiki and FAQ’s.