To first understand what the 11:11 Gateway Portal is, we must first understand that EVERYTHING is energy. This includes numbers. Each with its own energetic output and vibration that it emits. The number 11 just so happens to be one of the most powerful numbers.

11:11 is sometimes known as the “wake-up” code or code of consciousness, the ascension code or activation code, cutting through the illusion of unconsciousness and can truly be a ‘game changer’ in all of our lives. This code cuts through the ‘security’ of our ‘reality’ that we have built around us. For those who are ready this is an amazing time in our own personal consciousness, but for those who are not ready this can often manifest as a truly difficult time, forcing the consciousness to awaken and open up. In short, this is a time where the ENTIRE collective is waking up, realigning all of us with the higher frequencies of light.

Each one of us is responsible for our own consciousness, each one of us. Anger, fear, disillusionment, desperation, loss is all just aspects of the motivation to ‘awaken’, helping us cut through the illusion of what we deem to be ‘right and wrong’, bringing us to a place of true understanding the no one can affect the realities that we build around ourselves, helping us see that everything comes from within and therefore helping everyone take their power back by giving us the opportunity to transcend and truly ‘upgrade’. Prior to this ‘Gateway’, the energy has been working through all of us for some days now, which will have manifested for many as periods of ‘hardship’.

The ‘universe’ or as some may call our ‘higher-self’ is in constant conversation with us. Showing us signs throughout the day to help us transcend our own personal issues. Do you see the number 11 a lot? If so start to pay attention to what you were thinking, what was going on around you at that time, as there will be a lesson to be learnt or understood. This past week I have seen 11 (along with other master numbers), so frequently, helping my consciousness live in the light of ‘trust and support’. For you the message may be different, but start to look around, as the messages are everywhere.

Today is a ‘sacred day’ whereby the energy of ‘11’ is greatly increased.  Not only is the day 11, but so is the month. We are also in a ‘1’ year (2+0+1+7 = (10) 1+0 =1), with one symbolizing ‘a beginning’ or n ‘initiation’. So today in terms of numerology it is 11:11:1. This is also a powerful time for manifestation, with the double vibration of 11 acting as a ‘gateway’ into the higher realms.

It is said, that the most important significance of 11:11 is to act as the gateway into the higher consciousness, remove the stagnant beliefs and energies in our lives, raise our conscious vibration and a time where prayers can be offered to manifest that which you truly desire at almost ‘lightning speed’

So how do you best use the energy of today?

  • Loving let go of all that does not serve you: This can include, habits, people, situations.
  • Welcome in the unknown: surrender to your ‘higher self’, remove the veils of ‘reality’ and trust that all is within the realm of possibility.
  • Surrender to the transformation: Resistance will make the journey harder and will hinder the chance of true personal growth. Accept what is happening in your life, where you truly are now and surrender to the path of true change.
  • Nourish your mind body and soul: Keeping your ‘vibration high’ is the key to transformation. Be kind to yourself, your body and honour the Divine that lives within. Eat well, rest, take salt baths, ground yourself and smudging are all just some examples of radical self- care during this time.
  • Start to manifest: to first know what to manifest, you must first know what it is you truly want. Spend some time in quite contemplative meditation, then take time to write down all that you would like to see in your life.

I will be offering tonight an 11:11 Reiki Chakra clear out, starting at 10.11 pm (GMT) and finishing at 11:11pm (GMT)  for all who would like to be part. It will be at a cost of £20 per person. If you would like to be added to this Reiki clear out, on one of the most powerful days of the year, you can send payment to PayPal.Me/JanetGracey , please remember to add your name and current location and at this time I will also ask for a recent photo. The intention of this hour will be to open up our chakras, help aid in aligining your energy to the new vibration, stabilize and remove  the ‘stagnant energies’ and opening up the gateway to change to create and manifest the life that we truly desire.

For anyone who wants to know more, please-mail me on