This “Supermoon”, Total Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon, in Leo  happens, January 20/21,  9:16 pm PST|12:16 am EST| 5:16 am GMT |. 
2019 has 5 eclipses in total. The January Eclipses include a fresh start and the culmination of a healing cycle, which, in many ways, can feel like a profound turning point, and may come suddenly and completely. This Eclipse season is asking us to own our own life purpose and joy, to embrace love in every facet of our being and to trust in the Universal love that surrounds us all.
This eclipse marks the peak of the January moon cycle and the time to reap the rewards of work put in during the previous moon cycles dating back to early 2017. This is the 3rd in a succession of 5 Full Moons at 0 degrees, representing a fresh start and a grand finale of fated events from this 2-year culmination of energy.

As with all full moons, we are being asked to look at balance of polarities, and in this case, it is on the Leo/Aquarius axis. From May 2017 to Nov 2018 we have had the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius.  In shadow, Aquarius can be cold, rigid, unpredictable and detached, but the polarity of Leo reminds us of the importance of radiating our light outwards, joy, warmth and true self-expression. For many, we will have been balancing these polarities for some time and now its time for a fresh start, a new energy to transcend.

This full moon and lunar eclipse is incredibly empowering, optimistic, loving, generous, fun, confident and transformative. It gives us all the strength and self-belief of Leo and allows us to make changes in life through exploration, love and joy rather than taking things too seriously and forcing our self to do things we’d rather not.

Leo is the sign of self-expression. This energy likes to have an outlet that helps let their light shine. It rules from the heart, generosity and fun. Typically, the eclipse covers up the light, but whatever you haven’t seen that has been in the shadow/hidden from you, will be unearthed. This is neither negative or positive. It’s just another part of self-discovery and the Universe asks that you acknowledge the gift of this insight.

We have a T square, with sun, moon and Uranus, forming a 90-degree angle. The T square is one of the most active shapes in sacred geometry. It reminds us that we need to act, get out and do something, take the first step. As the Sun is in Aquarius, this is about freedom, connecting to your soul group, being revolutionary in your outlook, embracing a new way of being, using your inner genius. Ultimately, whatever excites you, you need to go and make it happen, and of course with Leo in the Moon there will be excitement, joy and enthusiasm to do this! Leo is connected with, royalty, rulership from the heart, shining your light to help others feel enlightened and generosity. If you have had any desire to show part of you, on any level, this platform is transforming radically and as this is eclipse energy, you will feel this energy for the next 6 months.

The Moon creates a trine to Kyron and this brings tremendous healing. So, your mind will not only be focused on love and fun, but this in turn, will create the great healing within. The second aspect that is of significance, is that Mars is exactly square to Saturn and this may bring up some latent anger issues in you either about people or situations that may call to you to begin to heal. It’s a time to really bring things into harmony, a time to look at where we project our anger and why. A time asses patterns in our own triggers and how to effectively release and transform.


Leo governs the 5th house of the zodiac which is all about romance! This doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship, its about connecting to all parts of your life with joy, ease and excitement. Venus is also conjunct  Jupiter in Sagittarius and this energy, is all about love, fortune, abundance, happiness, expansion and joy. This is truly a really beautiful and uplifting aspect that is arising through this Lunar Eclipse. Showing us as humans where we have yearnings for love and joy, seeing love and being love.


This total Lunar Eclipse, over the next few months, will lead to some unexpected and dramatic eruptions from the heart energy. Pouring out as creativity, generosity and joy. It has the ability to remove any unnecessary drama we create around our lives, removing the need to fill any ‘void’ with unfulfilling ‘things’, ‘people’ ‘substances’ and so on. We will be given insights into the ‘higher awareness’ of our lives and that of the collective evolution, which ultimately, will create a more heart centred space.

This is the last horray, of the energy over the last two years, Finally, each of us can exhale and move forward on a higher path.

Full Moon Reiki Healing Circle

As with every Full Moon, I open up the opportunity to clear your energy, raise your vibration and aid in stepping forward with clarity on your personal journey, through the loving act of, receiving Reiki. The Reiki energy will be focused on releasing anything that is holding you back from utilizing the energy this Full Moon has to offer.
This will be a private,  live streamed,  Reiki and meditation session via youtube, which you can watch live and also as a replay at a later time.  Once payment has been made you will be sent the link to access the event. The healing will be sent on the 20th of January at 9.45pm GMT and you can use the recorded session to receive Reiki, every time you watch it, right up to the 24th January.
If you would like to be added to this Full Moon session, the energy exchange is only £5 per person as I am still running my January sale.

With love , all welcome

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Full Moon Ritual

At each Full Moon we are given the opportunity to harness the energy of the moon, to release that which no longer serves us, what we no longer need in  life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. You can read my ritual here.


Natural healing techniques can be used to compliment another health care practice; however, they are not a substitute for a proper medical diagnosis and treatment from a licensed healthcare professional. Healers are usually not medically trained and should therefore never give a clinical diagnosis or interfere with treatment. I suggest that you always see your Doctor, or healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health.

This Reiki Healing is conducted and prepared with light and love to assist you on your spiritual journey. How you experience the healing will be as unique as you are. Janet Gracey Conscious healing holds no responsibility for the perceived outcome of your Reiki Healing session.