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Reiki healing is a holistic therapy, in that all levels of the person are treated and each aspect is understood to impact the other areas. For instance the physical body may be affected by stresses on the emotional level. The mental, physical, emotional, etheric (subtle) and spiritual bodies make up the complete human being. Through Reiki, working on the etheric (subtle) and spiritual levels can facilitate healing on all levels. Reiki can be conducted in person, but is just as effective at a distance. It is for young and old, as well as our beloved animal kingdom and natural world. In other words if Life runs through it, Reiki will be effective.

You can book my services as part of a 30-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute healing and each session will be specific to your needs, you drive the intention for each session and I follow up with an e-mail detailing what I ‘felt’ during your healing, namely where you carry the ‘stagnant energy’ and the colour frequencies I used to heal. 

Below is a detail of the services that I offer, if you have any questions or indeed want some clarity on this, please feel free to contact me on info@janetgracey.com

“Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy; while giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful; and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted”  – The Buddha

Distance Reiki Healing:

Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki conducted ‘remotely’. You do not need to be physcially with me for me to conduct this healing as it will still work as intended. You will be asked to fill in an ‘intention’ form prior to the treatment, a date and time will be agreed upon, the healing will then take place and you will be sent a follow up e-mail detailing the colour frequencies used to heal and where I felt the energy holds on your body. You do not need to stop your ‘normal’ day to day activites as the Reiki will still be sent and work just as effectively, however where possible I do recommend that you get into a quiet space and meditate, you may even feel the energy work or have the priviledge of seeing colours or other such ‘experiences’.

Price : 

3o minutes – £25  || 60 minutes – £50 || 90 minutes – £75

Book Your Session Now! – Please include an e-mail that you want me to send the booking details/Time/Intake form to.

Session Duration

In- Person Healing:

 In person Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki healing. Presently I am in N. Ireland and will travel to conduct 1:1 healing, I also have a room in Belfast that I utilize for personal healings. Please contact me if you would like to meet in person as I travel out of the country frequently and can supply you with my schedule.


30 minutes: £40 || 60 minutes: £70 || 90 minutes: £100

Book Your Session Now! – Please include an e-mail that you want me to send the booking details/Time/Intake form to.

In person 1:1 Reiki Healing

Reiki Chakra Balance, Opening and Personal Affirmations implanted:

There are 7 main energy centres in the body known as Chakras. When blocked, or out of balance they can create blocks, disruption and physical dysfunction in our lives. Each Chakra also houses different mental and emotional strengths.

Reiki energy is used to clear out each Chakra in turn, remove blockages and allow the energy to flow again. In turn this can create stability, clarity and improve our emotional and mental output as well as aid in spiritual growth.

Each treatment will include:

1. Opening the Root Chakra
2. Opening the Sacral Chakra
3. Opening the Solar Plexus Chakra
4.Opening the heart Chakra
5. Opening the Heart Chakra
6. Opening the Throat Chakra
7. Opening the 3rd eye Chakra
8. Opening the Crown Chakra
9. Grounding of the energy
10. Accompaning email with feedback on the treatment and what Chakras were particularly out of balance.

Price: £40

Book Your Session Now! – Please include an e-mail that you want me to send the booking details/Time/Intake form to.

New MOON Distant Reiki Chakra Balancing & Opening with PDF of Moon energy, ritual and affirmations.

It has been known for centuries that a new moon can affect people’s consciousness due to the omission each new moon evokes.

Our chakras are comprised of 7 energy centres in our body and when blocked, can cause disruption in our lives and lack of balance and direction.

Reiki energy can be used to regulate the chakras, opening them to flow more freely, awakening you to your higher self, bringing back balance and harmony into your life and healing of the subconscious outputs into a positive vibration, which changes the world that we perceive.

The treatment includes :
A full Chakra, Distant Reiki “flush through” with an accompanying email detailing the Moons energy for that month and how best to harness it, a ritual that you can complete to aid in manifestation and  affirmations for each chakra centre to be used as part of a new moon ritual which will be sent as a PDF to your email account.

Price:  £10 

Book Your Session Now! – Please note the e-mail used to purchase will be the e-mail your PDF will arrive to unless stated otherwise.

Inner Child Healing

Reiki transcends, ‘space and time’ and this means it has the ability that from the past. Growing up we are often exposed to situations, programming and events that are entirely out of our control and as a small child we accept these as ‘normal’. It is usually not until we reach adulthood that these events begin to show up in a ‘negative’ capacity in our lives. Wether this is through conditioned thinking and therefore limiting ourselves, PTSD, implanted fears and anxiety and generally not living our lives to our fullest capacity.

Reiki for Inner Child Healing works on the ‘child within’, it helps heal the past by removing the energetic blocks they have created on our ‘future’, it also aids in ‘letting go emotionally’ of undesirable experiences and keeping only the lessons. 

I only conduct 1 hour sessions for Inner child healing as usually 30 minutes is not enough time and 90 minutes can be too ‘intense’. Upon booking this service you will be sent a new intake form and you can detail all areas that you would like to be healed. If this session is conducted at a distance, then I will send you a follow up e-mail of where you held the energy and the colours used. If in person, I will detail this face to face with you and you have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Book your session now. Upon receipt of payment I will send you my booking calendar and also a new intake form for you to fill in.

Inner Child Healing

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is an energy that exists in everyone’s body, usually in a dormant state. This means that most people never feel it and never know it is there. But in a very few people, perhaps one in one thousand, this energy becomes aroused, activated. This can be a happy event or it can be scary and disruptive, depending on whether you aroused your kundalini on purpose or by accident. Once activated, it connects you with your true spiritual self and has the ability to transform your entire world. I offer 30 minutes sessions only for kundalini awakening energy, whereby I start at the base of your spine and move the energy right up until it comes out of your Crown Chakra. Many people have experienced ‘indescribable bliss’ when this occurs. This healing is not for everyone, so once you have booked your session, I will send you a short form to fill out, if I feel you are ‘not ready’ I will refund your money with immediate effect, or you can use the existing balance for another service. As with all of my treatments this can be conducted in person or at a distance. However, if at a distance I do ask that you DO get into a quiet space, somewhere safe, when this is being conducted.

Kundalini Awakening Reiki – please note that you will be required to fil out a short questionnaire before being accepted to this treatment, if not deemed suitable at this time I will immediately refund your money.

Kundalini Awakening