Full Moon in Scorpio

April 29th/ 30th 2018

April 29th 5.58pm PDT

April 30th 12.58m BST

April 30th 11.58 am AEDT

The Scorpio full moon is always deeply transformative and is one of the best times for letting go and cleansing away things that no longer serve you. Scorpio represents death, rebirth and unconditional love. It also represents the stages of consciousness, or the peeling back layers. It is a watery sign, so it’s all about the ‘deep emotions’, the proverbial ‘Phoenix Rising from the ashes’.

Scorpio is the most intense, deep, powerful and intuitive sign of the Zodiac and the moon will be at 9 degrees in Scorpio and the sun is in 9 degrees of Taurus. The number 9 is all about release and letting go (Scorpio is also the same theme). This full moon is about going deep into the subconscious and finding the root cause of things and as water always runs deep, it often uncovers what does not feel comfortable, immersing us in deep, dark, waters we don’t like to talk about openly. It really is a time to reveal, purge, clarify, simplify and possibly purify. In Scorpio, the goal is to find the truth, but just like the sting of a Scorpion tails, it can be a little painful when doing so. Symbolic of death and re-birth (as is the number 9), with this moon, you are going to see what you want to commit to emotionally and what you need to release to make this happen.

During this full moon Karma is calling and will deliver an important karmic twist. The moons nodes will be highlighting old karma that needs to be finally released.  You may come across a situation whereby you will be tested by the Universe, where you will be called upon to help someone else, this will be very karmically connected, doing a good deed, helping another, which will manifest financially for us in terms of our own material gain. Over last few days, (and indeed the coming days), you may notice a sense of ‘old karma’ being brought up to be healed and cleared. Try not to focus on past mistakes, or old wounds, instead go into self-introspection, look for the lesson and readjust. During this time do try and be extremely compassionate to yourself.

Scorpio is known for being the sign of ‘death’, the proverbial ‘letting go’ to ‘rebirth’. Therefore, certain areas of our lives need to be abandoned to rise again. If you have lost yourself, expect something important to be revealed. Directly connected to our future, it’s the step in the new direction. The energy will make us focus deep into self. Highlighting areas of our life that are stagnant, addressing things that have made us unhappy. Things that have made us feel like we have been in our own prison, not being quite our self, this energy will help us discover what lies beneath and give us the courage to move forward in our own truth.

The moon is going to be 10 degrees away from Jupiter with Pluto and mars conjunct in Capricorn, so this is a very powerful energy to overcome obstacles in your career, taking your power back in your career, realigning your direction. Also, if there is a ‘power struggle’ in your current workplace, these issues could peak and rise at this time. This is a time to create more harmony and resolve issues within our relationships with others. A time for confronting the shadow side, things that are hidden, so we can evolve past certain tendencies. At this time, you can step into your own creativity and your own self-expression, so if there has been part of yourself you have been ignoring for the sake of a group, now is the time to be more intimate, share more of yourself and truly express yourself. It will have a brilliant effect on work. If there has been some aspect that has held you back with fear, Scorpio has the energy to help you ‘just go for it’, without overthinking the situation. Even if you feel drained or tired, jump, go deep and this energy will give you an amazing chance to sort things out in your life that has been stagnant for a while.

No one keeps secrets better than Scorpio but during this full moon, expect those secrets to rise to the surface. There will be all sorts of messages at this time.  It’s a very psychic and intuitive sign which will be heightened with this energy. The universe will give us special little omens and signs, providing little clues as to how to proceed, helping us find out answers that we have been seeking for some time.  If you feel drawn to a certain problem, you probably won’t be able to ignore and step out of it until you address it (Scorpio is a fixed sign), but once addressed, it will get rid of this particular Karma, for good. This moon will give us the chance to answer questions related to our life’s journey, helping us see if we are on the right track, making us feel the need to reconnect to the people who mean the most to us. It’s a highly emotional time, reconnecting not only to yourself by navigating through intensity, but with others who mean the most to us.

During this transformative process, there may be heaviness, which can become confusing, but this is just the sub conscious directing our attention to where it needs to go, so you will take actions. The important thing is to have the courage to jump into these deep waters, for there you will find you go deep, heal and rebirth. Be kind to yourself, forgiving, courageous and most importantly alert to what is being raised for you to readjust and rebirth in your own life.

Now is the perfect time to release, renew and re-birth, if you click this link, you can discover the release ritual I conduct each full moon, to best harness this energy for my own conscious evolution.