The moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses – unknown

I know that for most of this year, during our Lunar cycles, I have said “This Moon is a big one!” and again this month is no different. We are truly in a time of profound change, its an 11 year, a gateway year, a time for rapid ascension of the human and global consciousness. It’s a true time of fast paced, unexpected and restless energy shifts and adjustments.

This month the Full Moon will be in 8 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a very exciting full moon, bringing with it an expansive, uplifting, life transforming energy that you will not only feel but experience in a practical life situation. We are really breaking into a new dimension, a new pace, phase and cycle of living. There has been a lot of transformation, changes and adjustment that has been going on over the last couple of months. So, congratulations, you have survived, you are still here!

This full moon in Sagittarius is a time to really create a bigger picture perspective of our reality. Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter, is about the truth, what is universal, natural laws, what is real, what really connects us to a sense of meaning and purpose in our life. It also rules travelling. And what happens when you travel? You become more alert and aware because the surroundings are new. Sagittarius is uplifting, inspiring, helping us see that you can find solutions when you look from a new perspective.

 There is an opportunity to really tune into our heart, intuition, rather than the logical left brain thinking. As with all full moons, there will be a polarity, so in this instance between our intuition and logic. Now is a time to bridge the gap between both of these polarities. Honouring what is in front of us,  but tuning into the bigger picture perspective. There can be a tremendous amount of information that can be derived from our physical bodies at this time. What is it telling us? What needs to be healed? There will be opportunities to look at our ‘triggers’, where do the roots lead to in the past? A great time to look and heal these aspects of self. There can be a lot of going back and forth to look for our own safety and security, going back to the higher perspective and making conscious choices to move forward. It’s a wonderful time to get the creative juices flowing rather than to talk about things too much. Allowing the ‘flow’ of life to transpire as it so desires. Spend this time to look at your life from a new perspective. See if you can take yourself to higher ground so that all the things you think are so big in your life are not so magnified, they are smaller and don’t seem so daunting. Try and take that birds eye view.

Energy of this Full Moon

1.  You can recognise how much you have grown.

You might start to realise how much you have grown over this time and it should become more evident to you. You may be able to see how your thought process has changed, how you see things now versus how you viewed situations previously. Indeed, how much you have grown consciously.

2. There can be BIG endings and BIG beginnings.

You may come to the realisation that aspects of your life need to change. Sometimes these lessons come in ways such as physical illness or indeed new opportunities that may seem random, cruel or unexpected, but this is just an opportunity to bring you into synch with a new direction or approach to life. Helping you align with a new direction and purpose.

3. You may recognise your co-creative energy more.

At this time, you can become hyper conscious of the co-creative energy that exists within all of us. Some examples of this may be thinking of something and then hearing the same words in a song, or seeing the visual on a t-shirt. It will give us a true opportunity to understand that we create our reality and give us tangible ways to see this. Have a look and see if you can notice any signs of this co-creative ability, how your world talks to you (this can take many forms such as numbers, people, animals etc).

4. Easier to understand intuitively what is good for you.

During this time you should have a greater sense of where to go, what feels right and how you want to progress. Sometimes this can come from a physical energetic feeling, other times its just a knowing. Regardless, you will be given the opportunity to see this and then start to make conscious actions around this higher insight.

5. You may actually feel this expansive energy

Often when we ‘upgrade’, it can create ‘symptoms’ in our physical being. Perhaps it may take the form of a cold or a rash etc, but in a sense your body is upgrading to the new vibration. Indeed, you may start to see a greater physical manifestation of signs at this time, people may enter your life, situations may transpire, that will make it abundantly clear where you are being directed to go.

The full moon is the most wonderful time to release and let go of all that no longer serves us. If you click here, you can access the ritual I conduct on each full moon to aid this energy.