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Hello dear friend,

Full Moon in Pisces, 26th August 2018 at 3 degrees and 12 minutes.

8.56pm AEST

11.56 am BST

6.56am EDT

3.56am PDT

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and it is all about releasing, letting go and having faith, so an absolutely perfect combination with the Full Moon energy. Because Pisces is a water sign and holds the vibration of being fluid, flowing and wavering it would be recommended to be around water at this time. Maybe take yourself off to the Beach for the day, or maybe a beautiful stream, and let the element of water soothe and cleanse your soul of all the noise of our ‘normal’ day to day world. Anything that is connected to film, photography, media, entertainment, music and creativity is especially heightened under this energy. So, now is really the time to let your ‘light shine bright’, a time to let go of the old beliefs of ‘I can’t do it’, ‘It won’t work’. Perhaps there was something over the New Moon in Leo (Solar Eclipse), that you realised you want to create, step forward into the world with and manifest, but just haven’t ‘gotten around to doing’, therefore, now, is the perfect time to let go of anything that is holding you back from achieving this creative success.

This Full Moon will make a beautiful, symmetrical aspect called a ‘kite’ and comprises a very fortunate Grand Trine in Earth Signs, which will be an extremely stabilizing energy. This is the perfect time for healing and tuning into the Earth. This Grand Trine supplies the resources, plans and long-term goals that you are ready to begin next. There are also two fixed stars joining the Full Moon which are worth considering. Fixed star Sadalmelik, will be conjunct the Moon and it gives prominence to occult matters, success in large companies and is a favourable energy for gain. The Moon is also conjunct Fomalhaut, which is one of the most important stars of all (also known to represent the communication Archangel Gabriel). It is said this star is very fortunate and powerful and can change from a material to a spiritual form of expression.

Pisces often tends to have a vibration of ‘victimhood’. The ‘little old me’ syndrome, ‘nothing works out for me’, ‘I’m always giving, and I never receive’, these can often be quite debilitating and repetitive thoughts that only serve to keep you bondage in a negative spiral of thinking. If you do notice these thoughts coming up, honour them (which really means, acknowledge that they are there and that this is ok), but gently and consciously acknowledge that they are ‘just thoughts’. Indeed, this Full Moon will help you identify any ‘repetitive’ and conditioned ‘patterns’ to your thinking which are not serving you. With the wisdom of this Full Moon you can release and realign, grabbing the opportunity to ‘start afresh’ with the coming New Moon in Virgo on the 9th of September.

Because Pisces can be a ‘sensitive’ sign, often this energy wants to escape the ‘real world’ and usually this is achieved through abuse of substances or unhealthy and self -destructive behaviours. During this time, be really honest with yourself in ways in which you ‘escape’ the present and consciously look for ways to bring yourself back into the ‘here and now’, no matter how tempted you are to want to escape. Breathing, meditating, using crystals and Reiki will all be highly beneficial to help you achieve this state of ‘absolute’ awareness.  It’s truly a wonderful time to tap into ‘the unseen’ forces that can help you heal and invigorate your life on a prolific level.

Just after this Full Moon, (August 27th), Mars, which is the planet of energy and movement, will go direct. If you can, resolve to accept what is happening in your life at the present moment. Sure, it may not be ‘how you want things to be’, but if you just ‘flow’ with the energy, by the end of the month, you will notice that everything moves forward with ease.

As noted above Pisces is a mutable water sign, meaning that it can easily adapt to any situation. Just think of how water can be poured into any shape of container, yet its essence is still water, it simply ‘adapts’ to its surroundings. What this reminds us of is that ‘survival of the fittest’ isn’t necessarily those who are ‘strongest’ but those who are adaptable (think of Darwin’s theory of evolution). Do you need to become more adaptable in your life? And if yes, how can you achieve this?

Neptune, Pisces ruler will be trine to Jupiter and this energy will encourage you to allow the old to dissolve for a rebirth to take place. Neptune is an energy of the inner realms, the inner world, listening to those intuitive whispers. Try and take some quiet time to just listen, validate yourself and step into the vastness of your spiritual self. Jupiter helps you learn from your fears and as it communicates with Neptune at this time it will be reminding you that its ok to transform, helping you surrender and trust the process as it unfolds.

For me the most beautiful aspect of the Piscean energy is that it reminds us that we are all ONE. That separation is an illusion and to use the illustration of water, ‘you’ may just be a drop in the ocean, but you are still part of the ocean itself.

In synopsis, this Full Moon, as with all Full Moons, will help us see what is not seen in the sunlight. So, the moonlight reveals and illuminates some aspect of self to you that you can notice, release and let go of. For this Pisces Full Moon, it is a Moon of completion, finishing a cycle, letting go and your Higher Self will be urging you to release all of those energies that are no longer needed going forward. You may find there could be some relationship tension that comes up, simply to highlight to you those soul contracts that you made before you entered this body and subsequently how far you have come. It’s a time of emotional completion, spiritual completion and with so many planets in Earth, it a divine time to manifest at a material level and watch your New Moon in Leo intentions start to bud. Indeed, it will bring us all important messages about our mission on this Earth! With the alignment of the auspicious Kite configuration we can all notice a little ‘magic’ over the next two weeks.

Intuitive Energy Reading for this Full Moon

  1. 1. Procrastination comes to an end.

During this Full Moon, those ideas, concepts and creative dreams that came forward during the Leo New Moon, may finally come to fruition. The energy will give a sense of ‘today’ and ‘living in the now, ultimately embracing life as it comes, helping you recognise that ‘now’ is all there is and to just do it! This Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to truly let go, release and renew our vibration.


  1. You will be divinely guided.

Perhaps you have been thinking about stepping forward into ‘a rebirth’ of self, but fear may have held you back. You may find at this time that you are ‘pushed’ towards the rebirth. There will be signs and guidance everywhere. Perhaps you will see a phrase repeated everywhere or a song that seems to be on every station. Listen, acknowledge the insights being given to you and move forward in trust, that all is well.

  1. You will be reminded that love is found in all places.

The Eclipses really have ‘shaken up’ the energy and for many this has meant that foundations/people/situations may have had to crumble away. For many, this last few months has been challenging, inwardly ‘deep’ and insightful. Now is the opportunity to see the love in all situations, even though it may seem ‘outwardly’ difficult, it will be easier than ever to reach for the love within the situation and therefore accept and heal with the perfection of the flow of life.


  1. A desire to go ‘deeper’ may emerge.

You may find at this time you are guided to go ‘deeper’ into self. This may take the form of simply committing to meditating every day, joining a spiritual group, expressing yourself through poetry or music etc. In a nutshell you will find a drive and determination to get to the ‘root’ of some of the patterns and beliefs that you have held, there will be a sense of enjoyment in knowing self and you may just even be given the opportunity to see how wonderful, creative and expressive that you really are.

  1. Balance will come to the forefront of your life.

You may find a great drive to create balance in your own life. Whether this comes in the form of balancing behaviours or accepting that balance is part of life (the yin and yang qualities), you may find yourself wanting to create a ‘perfect’ balance in whatever you do. Knowing that honouring your own self and feelings first is not ‘selfish’ but an act of ‘self -are’ which is the greatest gift that you can offer this world.

The energy of this Full Moon, when thought about, always brought the message within the Serenity prayer, so for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, here it is:

“God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And Wisdom, to know the difference.”

Full Moon Ritual 

To make the most out of the energy of a Full Moon, it is recommended that we create space and time to consciously release all that no longer serves us. If you click here you will be taken to a description of my ritual.

Healing Information.

For this Full Moon in Pisces, we will use the Reiki and the Moon energy to remove that which no longer serves us in our lives. Letting go with love and clarity to move forward in a purposeful direction.

Your role: If possible, try and get in a quiet space during the healing. Make it comfortable for you and somewhere you will not be disturbed for 1 hour.  Prior to the healing I suggest you spend some time in quiet contemplation and decide what it is that you would like to release in your life/what it is you feel most drawn to change/address in this lunar cycle.

Time: This healing will take place at 10pm BST on the 26th August and will last for the duration of one hour.



Natural healing techniques can be used to compliment another health care practice; however, they are not a substitute for a proper medical diagnosis and treatment from a licensed healthcare professional. Healers are usually not medically trained and should therefore never give a clinical diagnosis or interfere with treatment. I suggest that you always see your Doctor, or healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health.

This Reiki Healing is conducted and prepared with light and love to assist you on your spiritual journey. How you experience the healing will be as unique as you are. Janet Gracey Conscious healing holds no responsibility for the perceived outcome of your Reiki Healing session.