Los Angeles – June 27, 9:52 pm

New York – June 28, 0:52 am

London – June 28, 5:52 am

Delhi – June 28, 10:22 am

Sydney – June 28, 2:52 pm

FULL MOON in Capricorn seeks to gift us CLARITY by calling forth the higher self within us to rise, going within to see that we are our own Guru and Teacher. During this time we are being asked to really embody our responsibility as human beings and meet whatever is rising. Taking action where necessary to initiate the ripples of change.

There will be a lot of shifting energy during this time, so whilst a full moon that ‘culminates’ and ‘releases’, there will also be an opportunity to start something new/fresh. Capricorn rules the 10th house in Astrology, which is commonly called the house of ‘Social Status’, shining a light unto work/career, social status and ambitions.

This FULL MOON is also pivotal because it precedes the Solar Eclipse on 12th July , representing a time when a course change can make a significant difference in how our upcoming eclipse season unfolds.

Saturn (which is the ruler of Capricorn), The Lord of Karma, is closely conjunct the Full Moon and, expressing in its own sign ,so is able to accurately reflect to us where we need to step up and take emotional responsibility for ourselves.  During the next two weeks you are likely to feel more serious than usual and experience sadness, guilt, fear, restriction or inhibition. This energy has everything to do with our home/security/ your work/what you want to do in the world, and gives us the opportunity to look at structure. So how are you structuring your life? How are you structuring your time? Can you streamline your life? It’s really a time to get rid of things that you don’t need, and this may include relationships. A time to release, a time to remember to be good to yourself because sometimes the energy can be ‘sharp’ (“I’m not good enough”, “I should have done this”). There will be no side stepping here.  If we’re avoiding important issues in your life, living too long in an emotional rut etc, you may just  get an important lesson to clarify just what it is you want to build in your life, and set some new boundaries about what is and is no longer acceptable. Saturn can help you crystallize into new reality what has just been hovering below the surface, this can present itself as either a positively or negatively in our lives. With Saturn and the Moon together, it’s about enjoying nature and at the same time doing something useful/productive. Saturn governs time/ matter. So, you may get the sense that the ‘time has come’, for whatever this may mean for you.

If there were things you wanted to accomplish but hadn’t really gotten yourself into a groove of starting or becoming disciplined with, this Full Moon will help keep you on track and focused. Did you want to start a course? write a book? join a club? Now is the time to take action on this.

 Its an opportunity to look at authority. Where perhaps  is authority too rigid? and where can it be softened at the edges? Of course, on the other hand, ‘structure’ can also be a good thing and can aid in efficiency, so again, it’s a time to really assess those structures and boundaries within your own life and embody taking responsibility for self. Understanding that no one controls your life but you and the only person that holds you back from stepping forward is self.

On this theme, on Tuesday 26th, Mars stationed retrograde. Mars is all about our intention, our desires and our attachment to desires and how we go about getting what we want. Its raw insight. It retrogrades in Aquarius. At this time, really get in touch with your desires, your ambitions your approaches to life. When we are out of alignment with our own emotional body, we seek to control the behaviour of others. Now is the opportunity to realign, set new boundaries, new routines and decide how you want your life to flow. Meditating or ‘Free Writing’, may prove helpful at this time.

 In other transits, the Moon is trine Uranus and the Sun is sextiles Uranus. Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs, the inner genius, it’s a very progressive and multi-dimensional energy. You may notice you get insight into original ideas/approaches that you wouldn’t have considered before, and they will break through existing paradigms. At this full moon Neptune will form a 150 degree exact angle to Venus. This is a beautiful energy of magical, spiritual, feminine and artistic. So, there is a flow between you and the inner artist, in whatever way that transpires in your life. This is such a beautiful transit that I recommend you align your thoughts to one of abundance and beauty, because you will be rewarded. Also, Venus will be forming a square to Jupiter and when these two planets get together they act on ‘fortunate events’ that will come up for you, so things like, favours, abundance, beauty, luxury, sensuality and expansion. In essence, the more aware you become, the more you will see the flow of prosperity. Another abundance aspect is that Jupiter and Neptune are forming a trine, so, all of these aspects are really helping the career shift, whatever that is for you, to occur in a positive way. If there is a gateway you want to walk through, now is the time to do it. This is truly a blessings transit.


During this energetic phase, be kind to yourself and others. It’s about nurturing and accomplishing, organising and gentleness. Think about in your own life and ask “Where do I want to discipline myself to work hard?” Once you decide this you will see the fruits of your labour.


Energy of this Full Moon

1.    You might be getting hints for your purpose

At this time you may be getting glimpses into where you are heading in life. This may come in the form of dreams, intuitive insight or from other sources. So In other words the role you are supposed to take in this lifetime.

2.    Your interest may be peaked into cultivating or expanding your consciousness.

You may have a sense of wanting to ‘explore’ another aspect of consciousness. Perhaps this can take the form of a course, a healing session, retreats, visiting a guru etc, with a desire to expand your personal consciousness. So if you feel guided to do something new, ensure that you make time to follow through, for you will be rewarded.

3.    Reflection and Reassessing

If you read my New Moon report you will know I detailed the ‘push forward/ fast’ energy of this month. For some this month has been one of quick pace, change and generally pushing forward. Now is a time to reflect and rest if needed, to reassess where you have been, what you need to work and honour your body with whatever it needs to replenish (maybe this is food, rest etc).

4.    Taking action.

Many people have stood at the proverbial gateway of change for many months now. Things that we want to achieve, accomplish or start, but haven’t taken the necessary action to get started. Now the energy is inviting us to walk through the gateway and just do it, indeed for some, this energy may be ‘forced’ upon you, so that you have to take action. At this time, it is all about going with the ‘flow’ and not putting up resistance.

5.    Reflecting on how far you have come.

Have you ever experienced a time when you felt, ‘wow, that didn’t bother me as much as it would have in the past?’. You may notice this more at this time. Things/people/situations that once triggered you, may not hold the same resonance that it once had. It will give you the opportunity to reflect on how much you have actually grown but may not have been consciously aware of.



The full moon is a time of positive opportunity if you use it correctly. It can increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions. Its a time to release that which no longer serves a purpose in your life or is holding you back from living in Fully Fearless Freedom. If you click this link you will be taken to my Full Moon Ritual, that you may wish to conduct for yourself.

Love and Light