Personal Breakthrough

25th 12.52PM ACT

25th 08.22 am ICT

25th 03.52am BST

24th 10.52pm NY

24th 07.52pm LA

This Full Moon will be at 1 degree and 59 minutes of Aries. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and it rules the head, initiating things, new beginnings and when it’s a Full Moon it brings something to life, a game changer. So perhaps you will be shown an area of your own life where you need to ‘step up’ and take the initiative to be your true authentic self. This Moon will not only be powerful when it comes to making big decisions, but also significant to our past life, in terms of the impact that has on our lives today.

 Where do you need a fresh start? Do you need to clear the air in relationships? Are you about to start a new project or business venture? Whatever this means to you, be brave, step forward, for this Aries Full Moon will highlight ways in which you can do this and bring much more excitement and fulfilment to your life.


At the time of this Full Moon we have a T square, with Saturn in Capricorn, asking you to be real, honest and truthful and with Mercury and the Sun in Libra. The Libran energy is always trying to balance, and it is opposite to this moon in Aries which is challenging you to be yourself. So really this Full Moon is about breaking out of limitation, facing your fear, overcoming your fear, being brave, embodying the warrior energy that Aries is and releasing emotions by finally expressing and taking action on what needs to be addressed in your life.

 Of course, sometimes being our ‘authentic self’ is not that easy because you don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ with others or your own perceived ‘stability’, but this T square is asking you to find the balance between what you need to let go of versus what you need to speak up about. There could also be triggers to the emotional body, bringing up feelings of being unappreciated, so be careful at this time to breathe, centre and calm your energy, before taking an action and when you do act, do so from a compassionate, open, authentic standpoint.


We have Mars (which has recently turned direct), ruler of Aries, square to Uranus, which is asking you to be courageous, truly stepping out of your ‘comfort zone’ and knowing that you can speak your mind without anger and frustration. Because it is direct, you will notice that your energy levels are heightened to help you achieve all outwardly that you set your focus upon, although, do let the energy internalize until the Full Moon has passed, at which point you can release. In a nutshell, internalize, create calm around the situation and then address.

 You can however, with this energy, truly free yourself of expectations. Speak up, speak out and notice what are you learning from your painful/challenging experiences.


We also have Venus and Jupiter widely Trined to Neptune which is in water signs, so trust your intuition, really being to trust what your gut is saying to you, for it will never lead you on the wrong path.

In synopsis, this Full Moon is about finding peace and harmony in our relationships, alignment and balance in how we communicate and equilibrium through beauty and love. Your career and love relationships could all be highlighted during this time asking you to ‘wake up’ to an aspect that needs to be addressed. In a complete sense, this Full Moon is the recalibration to receive abundance in ways you have not yet experienced, by opening the channels of authenticity and balance.

Full Moon Ritual

At each Full Moon we are given the opportunity to harness the energy of the moon, to release that which no longer serves us, what we no longer need in  life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown. You can read my ritual here.

Reiki Full Moon Healing Circle

As with every Full Moon, I will be conducting a Reiki Healing Circle. By doing so, we clear our energy, release, renew and rebirth in a much more focused, conscious way. This Reiki session will take place on 24th September and we will harness the energy of this abundant, balancing, initiating Full Moon. The session will take place at 10-11pm BST (London Time) and it is at an energetic exchange of £10 pp. This will include:

  • 1 hour of Full Moon Reiki Healing
  • A feedback e-mail from the session.
  • Added to the Reiki Candle for the duration of 24 hours (cost normally £5). *Please note when paying for your full moon session be sure to include your ‘wish/intention’ for the Reiki Candle Service.

This is a distant healing session, so you do not need to be physically with me to receive the energy, indeed, you don’t even need to stop your ‘normal’ day to day activities for the Reiki to be sent. However, it is always recommended, where possible to mediate, during the session as this will prove fruitful to your acceptance of the Reiki. I will however programme the Reiki to be felt at whatever time you become still and wish to receive. The most important aspect is that you consciously accept the healing energy and know that it is always to your own highest good. Post the session, I will send e-mail feedback to all those who attended.


Natural healing techniques can be used to compliment another health care practice; however, they are not a substitute for a proper medical diagnosis and treatment from a licensed healthcare professional. Healers are usually not medically trained and should therefore never give a clinical diagnosis or interfere with treatment. I suggest that you always see your Doctor, or healthcare specialist if you have any concerns about your physical or mental health.

This Reiki Healing is conducted and prepared with light and love to assist you on your spiritual journey. How you experience the healing will be as unique as you are. Janet Gracey Conscious healing holds no responsibility for the perceived outcome of your Reiki Healing session.