Note From Author

Welcome to the February newsletter everyone!

I am late in getting the newsletter posted this month (should be delivered to everyone by the first), but I am still assimilating the Full Moon energy. For anyone who is part of my Reiki group you will know it was a pretty intense session for me, on this full moon. This moon was powerful in its intention to clear out that which wasn’t needed, but also to ‘illuminate’ that which needed to be seen as well as helping each of us connect with the ‘inner child’ and discover what makes each of us unique and truly live a life in our own divine magnificence. The moon and the subsequent Reiki sessions, has flushed out from me, old childhood emotions in the form of a rash that runs from my torso right up to my third eye (the same rash I have experienced through the Quantum K healing sessions). It has made me a little tired, so I have been practicing radical self-care by meditating lots, self-healing through Reiki and hydrating myself frequently. Indeed, in the ‘move out of the old’, today I woke up to discover my website was down (the bill payments were going to an old e-mail account and hadn’t been seen) and I got a call to say my tenant’s cooker had broken, so I had to purchase a new one (I am 2 weeks away from selling my house to a new owner). For a few moments today I thought, aggghh, then I laughed. I laughed because it IS laughable, it’s only ‘stuff’ and the rash is just the body’s way of flushing out that which is no longer needed, and I always find that when we ‘heal’ some part of our-self the universe sends us a little ‘test’ to truly make sure we overcome. This evening, I am sitting in bed typing this newsletter, feeling relaxed, renewed and thankful.

This month we will look at the energy from the Lunar Eclipse and how it is playing out right up to the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on the 15th Feb at 27 degrees of Aquarius.

Each month I will introduce you to another one of my services and this month I talk about the ‘Orb of Life’, an energetic gift that enhances all aspects of your life as well as deepening of your spiritual development.

As it’s February and most still have the ‘financial hangover’ from December looming, I detail how to consiously attract money into your life!

I hope you find this months newsletter useful and if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see, do please connect with me.

With so much love.

Janet xx

Partial Solar Eclipse – New Moon in Aquarius – Energy Vibrations

A solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the Sun. This one is a partial solar eclipse, so most of the Sun will still be visible. The New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. A New Moon influence lasts for 4 weeks but a solar eclipse lasts about 6 months. Its also a time to put new ideas forward, to begin new projects and plan for the next lunar cycle. Under the energy of this month, it seems that we are really going to get some extra time to focus on building up the new and focusing on strengthening new relationships in our lives.

We begin this month in the wake of the powerful Super Full Moon/Eclipse on the last day of January. We are still under its influence as we begin the month and we can use its wave of energy to launch this time for ourselves in a good way. If you have not spent a bit of time aligning your intentions, you can still take advantage of the Eclipse portal to do so. It is best if you can include the intention of ease, clarity, right timing, and support for patience and perfect alignment for your actions to be effortless. This Partial Solar eclipse, when coupled with the Lunar Eclipse in January 31st signals a new awareness and changing times for women trapped in forced marriage, prostitution and slavery. This is a good Eclipse phase for the rights, health, welfare and education of women in general and mothers in particular. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is also going to help us to come to terms with whatever was released around the time of the January 31st Lunar Eclipse.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is going to be helping us to communicate and express ourselves to those that we love. In fact, relationships are really going to be a theme around this Eclipse so stay open and see where the Universe is guiding you. Like any Aquarius New Moon, this is a potent opportunity to shine forth as your authentic human self, honour your intuitive flashes, and serve others in the special ways that make you the happiest!

We are also moving from a year of the fire rooster in Chinese astrology to the year of the earth dog on February 16. This shifts our container of growth from fiery reactions that stimulate change, to working with more stability and grounding to anchor new ways of “being” and “doing” in our lives.

The goal this month is to allow everything to “unfold” as a flower unfolds into a full bloom from a bud. You cannot force a bud to bloom before its time, and you never know exactly how that full bloom is going to look. We, and many of our intentions, are at the bud stage now, and allowing the “unfolding” in their right time will take some shifting in the way we have always approached the way we do things.

As always I will be conducting the New Moon Chakra Flush out and this is at the energetic exchange of £10 pp, so if you wish to be part you can click the payment buttom below.  You will receive a PDF form detailing what the Moon vibration will be moving towards and the healing affirmations that will be used for each Chakra.

The Orb of Life

The Orb of Life was initially discovered and created by Danish Meditation Master Ole Gabrielsen, founder of Kundalini Reiki (amongst other healing modalities namely Tachyon and Full Spectrum Light). The Orb is not a physical object but rather an etheric highly concentrated energy ball of Life Force (prana, Chi, Ki) and it is often viewed as a ‘Spiritual Gift’, passed from teacher to student. Once given the Orb, you will always have it and the energy does not fade. Indeed, you can also create your own Orbs and ‘gift’ them to others. There is no pre-requisite to receive the Orb of Life, you don’t need to be a ‘healer’, you just simply have to accept this wonderful gift, which will not only enhance your life, but also your spiritual development.

The Orb, sits at the top of our head, it acts like an antenna and draws in Life Force Energy, constantly and consistently, you can even ‘programme’ your Orb to complete certain tasks.

Some uses for the Orb of Life:

Healing yourself and others.

Cleansing auras and chakras

Provide energetic protection

Enhances meditative experiences

Charging water/crystals etc.

Clearing negative energy from people or spaces

Send distant healing

What will you receive?

A personal Orb of Life, that you can ‘call in’ at your own convenience. It will last a lifetime and never wear out!

A 19 page ‘user guide’ which will detail how you will accept your Orb, how to use to and how to create and ‘gift’ others.

Details on lineage. So how your Orb gift has been passed to you, through a succession of teachers.

The cost of receving the Orb and the user manual is at an energetic exchange of £22.

The Orb of Life produces a much finer life force, than the regular ki (ch’i) generators on the market. I have found in my own life that it works in a ‘mysterious way’ in a sense you know a higher power/force had a hand in your request.

You can purchase your Orb of Life here


How to generate money consciously.

Have you ever heard yourself say; “I can’t afford this?”, “I’m worried how I will pay for this!”, “I never seem to have enough”, “Rich people are really horrible”, “Money is the root of all evil” – If any of these seem familiar to you, then it is time to change your vibration. Each of these statements carry their own energetic frequency and with this by vocalising them, or even thinking about them you are putting out an energetic frequency. And guess what? It all repels money.

Start to think about how you feel about paying your bills. Does it feel good to pay for a service you have received? Or does it feel resentful? Do you ‘hold back’ when giving to someone else, with fear of your own lack, or do you give with a full abundant heart? Do you worry about money in the future, or do you acknowledge, that money, just like everything else is energy and that there is an abundance for everyone?

Start to become conscious of what you truly think and feel about money. It may be useful to record this on a piece of paper so you can ensure you don’t miss anything, and most importantly, be honest with yourself!

Here is my 3  top conscious tips to attracting money into your life

  1. Realise that money is just energy:

This is a give and take universe, it is also governed by ‘Universal Laws’, so what you put out, you will receive back, is one of those Laws. It’s a ‘natural’ flow. When we hold unto money out of fear-based thinking we are telling the universe ‘lack’ and ‘not enough’, and indeed this is what we will receive back.

  1. Change your thoughts:

Now you can see that money is energy, what would happen if you changed your thoughts to one of abundance? When you pay a bill do you feel thankful for the service it provided? When you give do you know that this energy will find it’s way back to you in some way? When you change your thoughts, you change the vibration that you are putting out into the world, the universe hears this vibration so you receive back what you put out, it really is this simple.

  1. Identify and eliminate your blocks:

Do you feel worthy of having all the things your desire? Do you have a belief that you ‘have to work hard’ to receive? How did your parents feel about money and how has this affected what you think? These are just some questions to ponder on. This process can take a considerable amount of time to go through, but it is so worth it. Spend some time in quiet contemplation and look for all the ways in which you may be blocking the flow of money into your life. Once you identify the blocks, gently let them go, realise with knowing, they are just beliefs and work on changing these.

If you change your vibration, you change your entire world.