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Full Moon in Aries 24/25 September 2018


Personal Breakthrough 25th 12.52PM ACT 25th 08.22 am ICT 25th 03.52am BST 24th 10.52pm NY 24th 07.52pm LA This Full Moon will be at 1 degree and 59 minutes of Aries. [...]

Full Moon in Aries 24/25 September 20182018-09-23T13:14:33+01:00

New Moon in Virgo -September 9th -2018


This New Moon is in Virgo on the 9th of September at 17 degrees. 4.01am ACT 7.01pm BST 2.01pm EST 11.01pm PDT Virgo the sign of healing and grounding and [...]

New Moon in Virgo -September 9th -20182018-09-06T12:28:50+01:00

The Dark Night of the Soul


The term ‘dark night of the soul’ sounds almost like a bad sci-fi movie, but alas, it has been around for a long time and has a deeply spiritual meaning. There [...]

The Dark Night of the Soul2018-08-19T13:19:54+01:00

Awakening to the self.


At a guess I was around 8 years old and someone (can’t remember who or what the situation was), stood in front of me and with much clarity I thought [...]

Awakening to the self.2018-07-15T16:51:41+01:00

Full Moon In Sagittarius – May 29th 2018


The moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses - unknown I know that for most of this year, during our Lunar cycles, I have said “This Moon is [...]

Full Moon In Sagittarius – May 29th 20182018-05-29T09:17:02+01:00

Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018


Full Moon in Scorpio April 29th/ 30th 2018 April 29th 5.58pm PDT April 30th 12.58m BST April 30th 11.58 am AEDT The Scorpio full moon is always [...]

Full Moon in Scorpio April 20182018-04-29T11:00:25+01:00

The subtle layers of ego


I truly love my job, I spend my days interacting with some of the most profoundly beautiful souls, who are all committed to ‘self-discovery’ and for me this is my bliss, [...]

The subtle layers of ego2018-04-06T15:17:20+01:00

Full Moon Release Ritual


The following is a ritual I conduct on each full moon, you can adapt it to your own needs/what makes you feel comfortable, but the principle of each Full Moon [...]

Full Moon Release Ritual2018-03-07T10:54:24+01:00

Super Blue Blood Moon General vibrations


                 Super Blue Blood Moon - January 31st 2018 A supermoon is when the moon is closest to Earth. Blood Moon is just another name for a [...]

Super Blue Blood Moon General vibrations2018-01-29T16:42:34+01:00